How to Resolve Domestic Building Disputes

Domestic building disputes are common concerns in the construction sector. In some cases, these are solved through negotiations. But others deplete a lot of time and resources for both the builder and the customer. Most of these disagreements stem from incomplete or defective work, delays in payments, cost of building materials, and more. These are aggravated by poor communication between builders and clients. Nevertheless, there are various ways to resolve such disputes.

Why hire a lawyer during domestic building disputes?

Most property owners sue building contractors for low-quality services. Depending on the scope of the case, you may also have a legal cause of action against the builder, hence the need for lawyer services. A property dispute lawyer possesses the necessary skills and expertise to assess the contract for any issues that may have sparked the dispute. They can help in mediation and guide on other steps of action. With a lawyer, you save time and avoid delays that can result from unending arguments between you and the contractor.

How can you resolve domestic building disputes?

Notify the involved party

Contract issues are common in the construction sector. Before taking any further steps, discuss this with the other party. What’s more? Air your grievances and keep proper records of your conversations. Use your mobile phone to record the conversations and take photos of the disputed work. And this will come in handy if negotiations fail and you plan to take further action.

Put everything writing!

To avoid misunderstandings in the buildings sector is to document all the transactions. This includes plans, specifications, and the provisions of the contract. It also states all the conditions of the engagement and minimizes disputes between clients and builders.

If a dispute still comes up, writing still works! Send a letter to the other party, state all your grievances, and request a response. If possible, set a timeline on when you expect a response, and this shows your attempt to settle the dispute before taking further steps.

Apply for dispute resolution

Some agencies like the Building Dispute Resolution Victoria help resolve building disagreements between builders and clients. The agency mostly deals with losses relating to plumbing, insulation, painting, glazing, tiling, electrical work, fencing, and more. 

However, you must demonstrate that you have tried other ways to resolve the dispute before seeking help from BDRV. To file for dispute resolution with the agency, you need;

  • Details of the dispute 
  • Contact information for both parties.
  • Architectural drawings
  • Occupancy permits

VCAT application

The DBVR can try to resolve domestic building conflict, but if the dispute, but if the issue isn’t settled, you can seek help from VCAT. However, you need legal counsel to file a claim, and the process can take several months to years. The process involves mediation, and if unresolved, it proceeds to hear by the tribunal, which is similar to a court hearing.

Final thoughts

If you encounter building disputes that you can’t resolve through negotiations, seek legal advice promptly. The attorney can help with mediation which preserves the relationship between you and the builder. If this doesn’t work, the attorney will guide you on other legal steps to take and resolve the dispute amicably.



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