How to Repair and Recover Corrupt TAR archives

Learn about DataNumen TAR Repair, and how to use this tool to restore your damaged TAR archives.


TAR files come in handy when you want to archive on a Unix platform. You can also use this file system to distribute data such as open-source software. Just like any other digital file, TAR archives can get corrupted. TAR archives can get damaged as a result of virus attacks, physical damage on data storage devices, or sudden power failure when processing the files. 


When this happens, you risk losing critical data and consequently hurting your business. However, you can avoid such misfortunes by investing in a specialized data recovery tool for TAR files, such as DataNumen TAR Repair. Here is a sneak peek of how this software works.


Salient features of the DataNumen TAR Repair

1.     Recovers files as large as 2 TB

Applications that are used to open TAR files such as WinRAR and WinZip come with in-built recovery utilities that you can use to repair corrupt archives. Unfortunately, these TAR recovery utility tools can only repair minor data corruption issues. They also support the repair of small files. One of the big wins for using the DataNumen TAR Repair application is the ability to recover files as large as 2 TB. 


2.     Simple intuitive design

The DataNumen TAR Repair tool is powerful than most applications in its class. However, its user interface is simple and intuitively designed to work seamlessly on Windows environments. This way, users can use shortcuts associated with Windows Explorer. These include dragging-n-dropping files when adding or deleting them from the recovery list and right licking to reveal supported shortcuts. Moreover, its menu is well-labeled and acts as a cue for users to complete the file recovery process with minimal assistance.


3.     Built to increase user productivity

Most profitable companies work towards increasing the productivity of their workers and eliminating or improving inefficient processes. One way a data recovery company can achieve this is by using highly efficient tools such as DataNumen TAR Repair.


The simple and easy-to-use interface of this application allows novices to use it with no special training. It is also possible to recover multiple files in batches. Other features that improve your performance when using this recovery tool include the search functionality, as well as the ability to customize the output file on the ‘Options’ tab. 


4.     An ideal pick for computer forensics

The DataNumen TAR Repair tool supports the recovery of corrupt TAR archives from machines that run on all Windows operating systems. You can also use it on corrupted storage media. These features make it an ideal pick for computer forensics involving TAR files. Experts can use this tool to retrieve data that is corrupted maliciously. 


Final thoughts

When your TAR files get corrupted, you need a tool that will help recover most of your data. One of the best applications in the market is the DataNumen TAR Repair tool. Its intuitive design makes the recovery tool easy to use, even for novices. For this reason, you do not need top-notch IT experts to recover your TAR archives. Other features that make this tool a real asset to your business include batch processing capability and recovery of large TAR files.