How to Repair and Recover Corrupt MS Word Files

Find out the common causes of damaged MS Word documents and reasons for using DataNumen Word Repair to perform Word file recovery and salvage your information.

MS Word is one of the most popular word processing applications in the world. It comes in handy when creating academic reports, business contracts, documenting processes, and creative writing. This word processor stands out among other applications in its class because it is simple to use and comes with advanced editing tools.

Just like any other digital files, word documents can get corrupt. When this happens, you can use your backup copies to recover your data. But what do you do when you have no backups or if the backup files get damaged? Well, there may be some manual methods at your disposal, such as using the application’s inbuilt function to repair Word file. Unfortunately, these methods can only work for non-complex file corruption cases.

To get your MS Word document working again, you will need a specialized repair and recovery tool, such as DataNumen Word Repair. This application is specially optimized to resolve most data corruption issues associated with MS Word documents.


Key features of the DataNumen Word Repair tool


  1. A high average file recovery rate

Compared with top 14 similar products to repair Word documents with various forms of corruption, DataNumen Word Repair scored highest with an average recovery rate of 92.78%. This performance means the software’s ability to recover most of your data from corrupt Word documents is higher than other products in its class.


  1. Compatibility with all Windows Operating Systems

The DataNumen Word Repair tool stands out among its competitors because you can use it on any computer running on Windows Operating System. This way, you do not require a different version of the software for each operating system. It also supports the recovery of all Versions of MS Word documents ranging from Word 6.0 to Word for Windows 365. This feature makes the DataNumen Word Repair an excellent computer forensics tool, especially where files are maliciously corrupted to conceal malpractices.


  1. Seamless integration with Windows Explorer

If you are a Windows user, you are familiar with its handy features such as right-clicking and drag-and-drop, which allow you to navigate through files with ease. The Word Repair application by DataNumen is designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows Explorer, allowing you to use short cuts supported by Windows systems. This quality of the tool improves your performance, especially if you are recovering many files. Also, its simple design means that there is no learning curve for new users.


  1. Support recovery of document formatting

One of the crucial tasks in preparing Word documents is formatting them. This task allows you to present information in an organized way that makes it easy for users to interact with your paper. Unfortunately, when the documents get corrupted, the formatting is lost. The good news is that you can use DataNumen Word Repair to recover your document formatting. You can save a lot of time, especially if you deal with long documents such as legal agreements or book/play scripts.


Final Thoughts

The DataNumen Word Repair is a simple yet powerful MS Word document repair tool. It runs on all MS Windows operating systems and supports all Word documents’ recovery irrespective of the version used to create them. Its high average recovery rate means that you stand a better chance of recovering most of your data than using other applications in the market.