How to Remove Large Waste From Your Property

Want to increase the value of your home? Then consider doing some home renovations.

Not only will it enhance its appearance, but it can also improve your quality of life.

For example, you can remodel the kitchen. It might not be the cheapest of projects, but chances are, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

But what should you do with the yard trash that you’ll end up with? How can you get rid of it? Want to know? If so, be sure to read the rest of the post!

5 Ways to Remove Large Trash Items

Not everything can go in the trash can; some items are simply too big for that. Don’t worry, though, there are other ways that you can remove them. Here are some of your options!

1. Call Your Local Waste Management Facility

Some waste management companies will accept oversized items. Depending on where you live, they might even pick it up from the curb!

When in doubt, call and ask. Chances are, they’ll schedule a special “bulk pickup” for the item, which may or may not cost you a small amount.

2. See If It Can Be Hauled Away 

Are you getting new appliances or furniture delivered? If so, you might want to ask the contractors whether or not they can haul away the items for you. More often than not, they’ll do it for a small fee.

This is especially true for things like laundry machines and refrigerators. If you’re lucky, they might even do it for you for free!

3. List the Items Online 

Consider posting the item for free on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be surprised at the number of replies that you’ll get!

If you want, you can even put a small price on it. If anything, that can help weed out flakes (it’s not uncommon for people not to show up if the item is free).

4. Donate It 

Consider donating the item if it’s still in decent condition. For example, many thrift shops such as Salvation Army or Goodwill will pick them up for free.

Alternatively, you can leave it on the curb with a “free sign.” Keep in mind, however, that it might not always work. If it’s still there after a couple of days, you may want to try another tactic.

5. Hire a Waste Removal Company 

Finally, you can hire a waste removal company. It might cost you a bit, but you won’t have to worry about dealing with the item. For example, you can check out this skip hire site in the Wolverhampton area!

Getting Rid of Large Yard Trash 

And there we have it—five ways to get rid of large yard trash. As you can see, there are multiple options!

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