How to Remove Carpet without Breaking Your Back

Are you gearing up for a home remodeling exercise? Do you plan to change your carpet and spruce up your house’s appearance? Well, you’ll probably need a carpet removal company to help you out.

Many believe that they can handle carpet removal on their own. While some do it perfectly, others end up doing a shoddy job and even hurting themselves. So, instead of breaking your back all in the name of home remodeling, why not hire a carpet removal expert to help. Besides, they have all the tools and expertise to ensure that they carry out everything right. Here are some tips that can help you out with carpet removal:

Get the Right Tools for the Carpet Removal

Often many think that carpet removal is all about getting in position and removing it from one end. While this might be the initial step, you’ll need several tools to complete the task. First off, some protective gear will be mandatory. As much as carpet removal isn’t ranked among the riskiest jobs, it has its fair share of challenges. You could easily get hurt without protective items such as gloves. Here are some of the protective equipment you need:

  • Hearing protection.
  • Gloves.
  • Dust mask.
  • Safety glasses.
  • A sharp utility knife.

Hire a Carpet Removal Company

This is if you don’t want the struggle of wearing all the protective gear and running yourself through the mud. Calling a professional carpet removal company can be a shorter and more effective option of getting done and dusted.

Unfortunately, many still find it hard to locate a credible carpet removal company. Well, you can’t blame anyone as there are tons of such companies in the current industry. Choosing the right option can quickly get exhausting.

Luckily, the internet provides an effective option to search for, and find a reliable service provider. So, what do you keep your eyes on during the search? For starters, make sure the company you choose has a valid license. In addition, it should have certified and trained professionals, using the right tools for the job.

You wouldn’t want to work with a company that lacks proper certificates and insurance. What happens in case of any injuries or damages? Who foots the bills? The last thing anyone would want to handle is a liability cost.

Lastly, check the disposal technique. Many companies nowadays don’t give the environment much consideration. Therefore, it’s your duty to find a carpet removal company that disposes of wastes in the right manner. You wouldn’t be doing the planet any justice if you fail to do this. Check through their website, or better still call them to ask.

Use DIY Methods of Carpet Removal

The internet here, as always, is our friend. You can find numerous DIY carpet removal techniques online by simply going through Google. Choose the simplest one for you to understand and perform. 

Alternatively, you can check on YouTube for some instructional videos on carpet removal. You’ll definitely find the right guide for the procedure on either of the sites.

Start from One Corner

Pick one corner of the room and start removing the carpet. Doing this makes the work a lot easier and faster, as compared to starting from the sides. Try and avoid the tack strips located around the edges.

Tack strips are slender pieces of wood with nail studs. They are used during the installation of new carpets. Here’s the point you’ll need the utility knife while wearing your gloves. You’ll then begin to rip up the carpet by pulling the larger section.

Roll Up the Carpet in Strips

Using a utility knife, cut the carpet into strips. This reduces the carpet into a manageable size, which you can easily roll up and move. For instance, in a standard room, you should easily move a carpet that’s rolled into thirds.

While cutting along the fold, you’ll need to keep your hands safe by maintaining both of them on the blade. To prevent the rolled section of the carpet from unrolling, use duct tape on it. This makes it easier to pick it up once done and drop it off in the dumpster or curb.

Also, it’s imperative that you start with the hard areas so that it becomes a lot simpler to handle others.

Rip Up the Carpet Padding

During a DIY carpet removal tutorial, you are most unlikely to miss this step. You’ll need to tear up the padding beneath the carpet during the process. Luckily, most paddings are held on the subfloor in patches. Therefore, ripping them off won’t be so much of a challenge.

Here’s another part where you’ll be grateful for wearing gloves. You could easily prick a finger, and gloves help prevent this occurrence.

Final Thoughts

Although you can go ahead and do the carpet removal on your own, it’s a highly tedious exercise. Therefore, it would really help if you chose a credible carpet removal expert to do the job for you.