How to Remove an Eyelash from Your Eye – 6 Different Methods

Eyelashes help safeguard your eyes from debris and dust. However, sometimes these short hairs will fall into your eyes and cause some discomfort and itching. Naturally, you would want to remove them but there is a right way to do it, seeing, as the eye is a delicate organ.

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Here are some methods you can use.

Method 1

 The first thing you want to do is to resist the urge to rub your eye. You see, by prodding and poking your eye, you are likely to injure it and you may end up with a more serious problem at hand. You don’t want to be on the internet searching on how to reduce eye pressure or anything like that, do you?

Method 2

Take a basin and fill it with clean water. After that, you want to submerge your face in the water and blink severally. This works to gently dislodge the stuck eyelash.

Method 3

Alternatively, you can wash your hands using antibacterial soap and let them dry. Next, you want to stand in front of a mirror and look at the stuck eyelash. With one hand, hold open the eye and with the other one, gently remove the lash.

After that, you can use your fingertips to dab at the lash to lift it from your eyeball’s surface.

Then again, you can try making a fleeting sideways or filching motion to help move the lash to the corner of your eye. You can then use a clean, damp cotton bud or a finger to remove the eyelash. What you want to keep in mind here is that this is less likely to work if the lash is stuck in the iris rather than the white part of your eye.

You also want to ensure that your nails are short before trying this method because you can easily infect your eyes with harmful bacteria or scratch them with long nails.

Method 4

In case you have a saline solution or eye drops, you can use them to remove the eyelash from your eye. All you have to do is simply is slant your head backward, put 2-3 drops, and blink a few times. That should get the eyelash out.

Method 5

If you have the patience, you can wait the problem out. You see while sleeping, your eyes release secretions that work to eliminate any dirt or foreign stuff from your eyes. Just by sleeping a few hours, you can wake up with the eyelash removed from your eye.

Method 6

Believe it or not, shedding a few tears can take care of the problem for you. Of course, it may be impossible for you to do that without a trigger so you can cut an onion and put it close to your eyes. You will instantly release tears and they will work to eject the stuck eyelash. It is as simple as that!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, removing a stuck eyelash from your eye is not as hard but if your find it impossible to remove it with the methods we have discussed, you may have to see a doctor. You don’t want to end up with an eye infection or put up with discomfort for a long time, no?