How to Remain Active After 55? Try These Activities!

Assisted living is not restricted to a rocking chair and watching TV. The senior adults demand adventure and stimulation that can give them a chance to learn something new. If you live a 55 and over communities in Florida, there are several opportunities for engagement that you might have never had. Take a look at these options.

1# Attend Exercise Classes

Group classes like yoga, tai chi are fun and social ways to enhance flexibility and balance. These are key to preventing fall in older adults. Some communities offer chair exercise classes, while others may offer water aerobics programs that can appeal to seniors with arthritis.

2# Play Wii Sports

As a senior, you may not be able to shoot baskets. Still, Wii and similar console games in which you move your body instead of pressing buttons or using a joystick offer an excellent alternative. There are several games that sports-minded seniors can play. It includes bowling, tennis, and golf, as well as basketball.

3# Join Walking Clubs

Walking around the community is also an easy way for seniors to remain active. It can also bring an opportunity to make friends. Some communities arrange transportation, so that club members easily reach the park or walking path.

4# Do Gardening

It is a superb way to go out and remain active. Gardening connects you to others and socialize. Digging in the dirt and planting weeding can help you relax and unwind. If you are not aware of the herbs, trees, flowers and, you can spare some time to find more about them. Sow the seeds of seasonal flowers and watch the seedlings grow. It’s heartening to see the beauty of nature. Your hardwork will not go in vain. Beautiful flowers and fresh vegetable will wait for you.

5# Read Books That You Could Not

Throughout your life, you were busy. Now, at the sunset of your age, you are getting time for yourself. Spend it doing what you craved for when you were busy. Join a book club, find your favourite novel title and read it in peace. Moreover, you will remain sharp, alert and in touch with the world. You can also share with friends.

6# Pen Down Your Life Story

You have lived a life full of events, ups and downs, grief and happiness. Now you have all the time to pen your thoughts, events into a memoir or life story. It can be either in written form or by gathering their photos and mementos in the scrapbook. It helps to preserve your past and gives a chance to reflect on the experiences and get nostalgic.

7# Join Lectures and Education Classes

There is no best age to learn new things. Enhancing your knowledge is the best way to remain mentally alert and remain involved. Many communities provide on-site lectures or continuing classes. At the same time, the others arrange for residents to take advantage of the academic and cultural offerings in the nearby colleges.

8# Art Classes

As a senior, you might have worked hard throughout your life to earn your livelihood. During retirement, you have all the time to indulge in creative things. Water colour, acrylic painting and drawing and sketching are high on the list for expressing yourself artistically. Creating art in a group can be an enjoyable way to engage with others.

9# Go on Outing

No one spends all their time at home, even when the home is in a 55 and over communities in Florida. The best communities offer unique trips and excursions to local attractions like museums, symphonies, and nature preserves.


By remaining active senior adults can ensure that they are healthy and don’t feel alone.