How to Reduce the Contents of Your Wallet

With minimalist movement gaining in popularity, more people are realizing the benefits of reducing the number of their possessions. Inspired by the motto ‘less is more’, the idea of downsizing has influenced many different aspects of our lives, from our homes to our habits to the items we use on a daily basis such as our bags and wallets must check Eric Dalius.

Just like women tend to carry a number of items in their bags (many of which are pretty useless), men tend to hold on to various receipts and cards they don’t necessarily use every day. Not only does keeping these extras and non-essentials make their wallets bulge but it also makes them very impractical.

When it comes to making your wallet more minimalist, keeping it streamlined and light is the way to go. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you reduce the contents of your wallet and get it to a reasonable size.

Start by decluttering

First things first, approach the decluttering process of your wallet the same way you would if it were your home. Empty your wallet out, and then take a look at all of its content. Examine item by item the same way you would examine your clothes, asking yourself whether you really need to carry it around with you and whether you need it at all.

Instead of carrying your bills, consider paying electronically by using a credit card. It’s more practical and convenient, and it’ll also earn you points for gift cards. As for your bank and credit cards, limit yourself to two (one primary, one secondary just in case). And those membership cards for your gym, store, or library? If you can’t remember the last time you visited them, there’s no point in carrying around their cards with you, right?

Digitize whenever possible

One of the advantages of living in the digital era is the ability to digitize almost everything. For instance, many people like to keep photos of their loved ones in their wallets. For someone who’s looking to reduce the contents of their wallet, this may be an impractical move. A better option would be to save the pictures on your phone or leave them at home altogether.

And those receipts you’re saving in case you need to return the item you bought? Have them emailed to you. If not, simply take a picture of those important receipts and discard them.

To prevent all those business cards and phone and account numbers from piling up in your wallet, memorize them. Contact information can be entered in a phone, your information can be updated with the phone number you’re currently using, while the account numbers of your driver’s license or your car insurance policy can be memorized.

Swap your wallet

Sometimes, the simplest solution would be to just get two different wallets that you will use for different purposes. When you’re headed to work or someplace else where you know you won’t be using your cards, your slim wallet will be your best friend as it’s practical, convenient, and easy to carry around.

Similarly, for those situations where you simply must have access to all the different cards, a quality cardholder wallet is a godsend as it allows you to carry all your essentials while also being a streamlined and supple little piece of work. You simply take the essentials from its slimmer counterpart and transfer them. That way, you can look streamlined and elegant even when you’re running errands.

Rotate your cards

Although getting another wallet can be quite practical for some people, others might find the rotating method more appealing. This strategy of reducing the contents on your wallet requires you to be more intentional with the way you use your wallet, which is the tricky part of the method.

For starters, it doesn’t involve carrying two wallets. You carry your slim wallet and you only add certain cards when you need them. It will usually be an event that doesn’t happen as often – maybe once or twice a year (e.g. an eye exam). Before you go, you just add that card to your wallet. Although this method may be practical, you may forget the card if you’re not careful, so it’s not as reliable as the swapping method.

Wrapping up

Reducing the contents of your wallet is a great way to make this everyday item more practical. It all starts by embracing the minimalist approach and making an effort to evaluate what’s essential and what’s not.

In doing so, not only will you be able to keep your wallet from getting so bulky that it’s protruding from your pockets, but you’ll also know exactly which items you have on you at all times.





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