How to Recover Deleted Documents from Computer – Ultimate Solution

Preface – This blog is entitled to recover deleted documents from computer. If you are looking for a certain solution authenticated by Windows then keep reading

Deletion of valuable files can cause distress to anyone’s life. To avoid such situations Windows has given two fruitful methods. Using them the user can how to recover permanently deleted files from your computer.

Here are the Windows solutions to retrieve deleted files from your computer when the user wants to undo the deletion.

How to Recover Deleted Documents from Computer

Windows has brought restore files from a backup feature that comes handy when a user is erroneous or the system malfunctioning, causing deletion of the documents from computer.

But for this there are some of the requirements that are needed to be satisfied before continuing:

  1. Set up an external source to save your files. External Drives are preferable to set for backup.
  2. You can also use the network attached to the storage drives. You may need to contact the network admin to get access to it.

Steps to Set Backup in Windows 7/8/10

  • Select the Start button >>Control Panel>> System and Security, and then select Backup and Restore.
  • In the Backup and Restore prompt, select the “Create a system image”.
  • It will ask for the destination for the backup i.e. hard drive/USB drive/DVDs or network location. Choose the storage option and continue.

In the Crises of Deleted Data

To restore files/folders/documents/images, follow these steps for recovery.

  1. Available on a backup storage device to boot the system.
  2. Afterward, Go to the Setting wheel icon>>Update and Security>>Recovery.
  3. Select the Advanced Startup and Click on the Restart now option.
  4. In the next “Choose an option” prompt, click on Troubleshoot>>Advanced options>>System Image Recovery

That is how you can restore your backup files and documents. But it is not certain solution because often users encounter these obstacles while restoring their files.

  • The file cannot be restored due to the unavailability of the specified path.
  • Inaccessibility of file due to unspecified error while restoring.
  • Unable to restart the backup application due to internal errors such as restoring reparse points.

If you have enabled the “Previous Versions” feature then you can recover deleted documents files and folders from the computer system.
If you haven’t used this feature, then follow these steps to enable it, or move to the next section to recover deleted files from the pc.

Enable Previous Versions using File History

You must have attached an external storage device as it doesn’t allow backup within the internal drive. Then follow these steps to enable the file history function:

  1. Open the Settings section.
  2. Click on Update & Security>> Backup>> Add a drive tab.
  3. Choose the drive to backup documents and other multimedia files.

If Document Deletion Occurs

Follow these steps to restore previous versions of documents and files.

  • Open File Explorer using Shortcut or click Win+E keys altogether.
  • Right-click the root from where you want to restore the file and select the properties option.
  • Select the Previous Versions option.
  • Under the File Versions, select the deleted document shadow copy to recover it.
  • User drop-down option to select the restore type and choose either restore or restore to
  • Allot the location to restore the document file (or folder) and recover it.

Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to recover deleted documents from the computer.
You now have restored the deleted documents to your designated folder. The same method goes for the recovery of other multimedia files.
However, the users report that they occasionally encounter these errors while processing the recovery of deleted documents.

  1. File History Doesn’t Recognize This Drive
  2. File History Drive Disconnected for Too Long
Windows Backup Disappointed You??

Magnifying glasses are not needed to see that user can’t rely solely on Windows backup while recover deleted files from your computer.
Windows Backup methods are not sufficient, especially when the operating system itself creates hurdles and fails to recover permanently deleted files from your computer. It might cause permanent deletion of data and irreversible damage if the user lacks the in-depth tech knowledge to conquer the issues.

Need a Helping Hand?

Irrespective of what caused the deletion of official documents or other multimedia information. Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software is always there to provide you with relief by recovering the lost/inaccessible files (or folders) directly to your desired location.

These recovered files are portable to transfer and store to any other storage device such as pen drive/USB drive or any external drive in the most secure manner.

Concluding Thoughts

Windows inbuilt backup solutions are meant to recover deleted documents from computer in case of accidental deletion or file is damaged due to any technical error.

But user can’t rely on it especially if the method itself starts denoting the error during the recovery phase.

So, users are advised to go for professional and experienced help such as Hard Drive Data Recovery tool that will not only recover the currently deleted files but also serve them for future days.