How to Recover Data From a Dead External Hard Drive

Generally, external hard drives are specifically used in computers and laptops to enlarge the storage capacity. These are great devices for storing photos, videos, and other essential documents that aren’t able to save in your computer’s actual HDD. Through these external devices, it’s also essential to share data with friends and colleagues. Even, such devices can hold multiple terabytes of relevant data. Unfortunately, external hard drives are resistant to data loss. But, due to some major issues, you can lose data from an external hard drive. There are multiple reasons when the external hard drive stops working. And here are the following reason:

  • When the external hard drive isn’t read by Windows.
  • When the external hard drive shows “online” in disk management, it becomes impossible to access the files.
  • When the external hard drive shows “Missing”, “Not initialized” or “No Media”.

At the same time, with the availability of various hard drive recovery methods, everyone can restore the information. Or, you can engage yourself with professional recovery experts to retrieve data from dead external hard drives. Here we mention some of the best tips for recovering the data from a dead external hard drive.

Tips for Recovering Data From an External Hard Drive
1. Recover Data Through Software

So, your external hard drive crashed! And now, you want to recover data. There are various third-party data recovery software that can restore your data easily. For choosing one, you can take consultation from a professional. Such software has the ability to recover lost data due to hard drive crash, system error, and accidental deletion. This software can restore data like photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely. It also retrieves the data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

2. Hire Data Recovery Professionals

One of the effective ways to store the data from professionals is to hire professionals. They have the appropriate tools and equipment to get data back. Even these professionals are featured with the right information that can make your external hard drive more effective and efficient. Various manufacturers are committed to offering customer-centric operational and data recovery services. Through their active participation in research and development, they also have effective techniques to retrieve convenient information.

3. Retrieve Data Without Formatting

Restoration of information through an external hard drive is possible. You can format the external hard drive for simply fixing the hard drive errors. However, sometimes, it becomes impossible to bring data back with formatting. It can create various data loss issues. Here is the following method:

  • Type CMD in the search box
  • Right-click “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as administrator”.
  • Type the command “chkdsk F: /F” to scan the error issues.
  • By pressing “Enter”, it will automatically repair your corrupted hard disk.

You can also type the command “chkdsk F: /F /X /R” to do a more thorough hard disk check.

Wrapping Up!

If stored data in your external hard drive is damaged, you can recover the data with the help of professionals, software or some high-valuable techniques. These effective techniques can thoroughly check your hard drive and scan the issues located in the hard drive. Even software is featured with a trial version that allows the users to check the errors and recover the data without investing a single penny.

So, choose well-qualified professionals to restore your data back from the external hard drive. Our specialists of data recovery Singapore are eligible in bringing back your lost information.

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