How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio?

“I used QuickTime Player to record my screen on Mac but the recording had no sound. I don’t know how to turn on the system and microphone permission. It seems so complicated for me to handle the built-in recorder. Is there any easy way to record the screen?”

Generally, the built-in program QuickTime Player or Screenshot Toolbar is the user’s first option when recording a Mac screen. Though it is convenient, many users have reported that they have no idea how to access the microphone and they can’t record the internal audio and microphone sound clearly.

If you are also bothered by the complicated operation and limited features of the embedded recorder, this article is worth your reading. You will learn a handy Mac screen recorder here and easily help you capture what you want with audio on your Mac screen.

Overall introduction to FonePaw Screen Recorder

Developed by FonePaw, FonePaw Screen Recorder is one of the most reliable and handy tools for recording screens on Mac with both system sound and external audio. With this program, you can choose to capture the whole screen or customize the recording area as you like on your screen with no watermark. You can also turn on your webcam if it’s needed. The program is able to record all screen activities with no lag.

Another highlight of the FonePaw Screen Recorder is that it comes with a scheduled recording feature where you can set a time to start and stop the recording automatically. During the recording, there is an annotation panel under the screen. If you’re recording a tutorial video, you can use text, brush, line, or even more tools in the panel to highlight the important points. More editing features are provided after the recording. You can preview and edit the video with the given trimming tools.

Image Name: fp-features-showing-interface

Image Alt: FonePaw Features Showing Interface

Key Feature

Here are the major functions of the FonePaw Screen Recorder. Check them out!

  • Record screen on Mac with internal and external audio.
  • Support noise cancellation.
  • Record HD-quality video with no lag.
  • Record locked screen to avoid disturbance of pop-up news.
  • Capture various scenarios such as online meetings, gameplay, videos, and more.
  • Provide practical video editing features.

Price on FonePaw Screen Recorder

In the free trial FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can get access to most of its exclusive recording features. However, this version also comes with some limitations that may cause inconvenience during the recording, such as limited recording time and no noise cancellation. If you want better recording effects, you can buy the registered version to unlock limited functions and enjoy all services. Here are three licenses provided by FonePaw. Choose one based on your needs.

  • One-Month License: US$19.56 (For 1 Mac)
  • One-Year License: US$38.46 (For 1 Mac)
  • Single-User License: US$79.77 (For 1 Mac)

Tutorial on recording Mac screen with FonePaw Screen Recorder

Now that you’ve learned the smart features of this recorder, let’s move on to see how to record the screen by utilizing it.

Step 1. Download and Run FonePaw Screen Recorder

Free download and launch the program on your Mac.

Image Name: video-recorder-mode-fp

Image Alt: Video Recorder Mode FonePaw

Step 2. Customize recording area

Then you can capture the full screen or just record a specific area. If you want to record the screen with a webcam and audio, just turn on the webcam and system/microphone buttons, and drag the slider to adjust the volume.

Image Name: customize-recording-area-fp

Image Alt: Customize Recording Area FonePaw

Step 3. Start to record screen on Mac with audio

Then, you can click the “REC” icon to start the recording. When the screen is being captured and you can click the panel on the screen to add annotations to stress some key points.

Image Name: during-screen-recording-fp

Image Alt: During Screen Recording FonePaw

Step 4. Preview and save the recording

Finally, click the “Stop” button and preview your recording. If you want to cut or compress or merge the video and you can also use the given editing features. Then click “Save” to finish the capturing.

Image Name: finish-recording-fp

Image Alt: Finish Recording FonePaw

What can I capture with FonePaw Screen Recorder?

FonePaw Screen Recorder has many recording modes. No matter what events are displayed on your screen, you can use FonePaw Screen Recorder to capture them to a video with clear external sound and microphone voice.

HD Videos

If you find an interesting video and want to share a funny moment with your friends, you can take a screenshot or record a video clip with FonePaw. The video recording can be up 1080p with a customized recording region.


As an all-in-one recording tool, FonePaw is also able to record clear audio only on Mac. If you want to record music or any radio program, just choose the “Audio Recorder” mode. By simply turning on the button and dragging the slider to adjust the volume, you are able to capture audio with noise cancellation.


With FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can record your screen with a webcam overlay. Therefore, it’s very convenient if you want to make a tutorial video or record an online class for a better review. Slides, webcam, and voice can all capture clearly. Besides, Facecam can also record only.


Being a game YouTuber has been an increasingly popular job. You can capture gameplay videos with the “Game Recorder” mode, where you’re able to lock the window and avoid being disturbed by pop-up news.

Online Meetings

If you’re working from home and you want to record online meetings like Zoom Meetings or Google Meets on your Mac for key point checking, FonePaw can give you great help. It can capture every corner of the screen, including slides and webcam with HD quality.

Phone Screen

FonePaw Screen Recorder comes with a “Phone Recorder” mode that can mirror and record your phone screen wirelessly or with a USB cable. Use FonePaw if you want to record the activity on your phone on a larger screen, or if your phone space is limited and is unable to save any recording.

Specific Application

“Window Recorder” can be helpful if you want to capture a specific application and don’t want to be bothered by other windows. Utilizing this feature, you can record the window of a program while using the computer for other things at the same time as other screen activity will not be captured.

Bottom Line

With the introduction and explanation above, I’m sure that you have grasped all information about FonePaw Screen Recorder. If you are not satisfied with the built-in screen recording tool on Mac, you can try FonePaw Screen Recorder. As we’ve demonstrated and it comes with easy operation, simple UI, as well as powerful features. This all-in-one program is able to meet almost all your recording needs. Just have a try.