How to recognise your pukhraj stone

Pukhraj or the yellow sapphire is an extremely precious astrological stone that is worn by people wanting to walk the path of prosperity. Jupiter is the ruler of the stone and offers success in work and married life. Therefore, people who are not finding sufficient success and peace in these areas can consult an astrologer for the same. The astrologer will offer the required guidance after consulting the birth chart or make one depending on the time of birth. Only then, can the astrologer tell you whether to buy pukhraj stone or not. If the position of Jupiter is unfavourable then wearing this stone can help you in bringing about success.

Ruled by Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is considered the teacher of all the planets and hence very influential on a person’s life. As an auspicious planet, this helps a person gain fortune, luck, martial bliss and also prosperity in career and life. Interestingly, the planet influences this stone by emitting rays that only this stone can catch. Since you are wearing this stone on your hand the rays directly affect you and the positive vibes improve your life. The pukhraj stone price is quite high for original stones. Only the verified dealers sell government certified stones which can truly work the magic of Jupiter.

What to remember

While you buyPukhraj stone ensure that you purchase only the original ones.

  • Remember, the stone is soft, simple yet heavy.
  • The stone is crystal clear
  • You will not find any layers in it
  • The colour is like yellow oleander
  • A fake stone will have two different colours in it or a black smudge in it
  • If the stone is warmed up then it should look like the setting sun
  • Also, if you try to hold the stone in between your fingers it will simply slip away

The Pukhraj stone is extremely clear when you view it. There are no spots or shapes visible in the stone. The Pukhraj stone price escalates with the size of the stone as well as the clarity. The colour of the stone is also shiny and bright. If the stone has a dull colour then it is of the low grade or even a fake. Some of the stones might also have a hint of gold, green or even orange. These stones are not much valuable because of the presence of the hint. While buying ensure that you pick on the clear yellow ones. These might be pricey but at least you will get the original stone that will benefit you immensely.

Before wearing the pukhraj stone ensure that you are wearing the right carat of the stone. your astrologer will have mentioned how many carats you need to wear. For larger stones, the price also increases. The stone is available in various cuts and the price also increase or decrease because of it. For instance, oval and round shapes are less costly because they are easy to cut. But if you go for faceted cuts then you will have to shell out quite a bit.

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