How to Read a Kundli- Read the Basics Here

Kundli is a manually generated horoscope based on the sign/constellation of the sun. Astrology Kundli presents incredible facts about daily horoscopes, astrology truths, future predictions, couples and much other relevant information.

In Kundli Astrology, Astrologers (Jyotish) use accurate details of a person’s birth time, date, and location to predict future events that may or may not occur shortly. In horoscopes, Kundli astrology is a factual and authentic birth chart based on the study and study of celestial bodies and planets in the universe. 

Astrology Kundli also helps find daily horoscopes and predictions about decision-making conditions, the life of love, personal characteristics and marital strengths/weaknesses, work issues, age relief, education-related issues, and more. I learned more and more as an astrologer (Jyotish).

What Is The Importance Of A Kundli?

Creating kundli is an important task performed after a person is born. It helps you deal with different problems and obstacles in your life and holds remedies and solutions for different challenges. 

  • Kundali can be used for marriage collation by collating the bride and groom’s horoscope. In Hinduism, marriage-related auspicious events do not occur until a Kundli Milan occurs and Guna is calculated. 
  • It also reveals marriage, spouse, understanding that you share, and possible problems. 
  • Your own Kundli or Natal chart shows the challenges, obstacles, opportunities, etc., of your life. 
  • It shows the challenges they face and how they deal with the darkest times.
  • It composes your entire personality and takes you through your traits, deficiencies, and abilities that reveal your true self.  
  • When making financial decisions, you can analyse Kundli to predict your professional life, business ventures, finances, wealth, and investment and determine your advantages or disadvantages. 
  • Kundli points out the preferred career choices that can be made for a fruitful and prosperous future. 
  • It deciphers the type of career that suits your efforts and intellect. Birth charts tell you about your schoolwork, creativity, enemies, illnesses, and children. 

How Accurate is Astrology Kundli?

The events that will surely happen to a particular person or company in the future are already destined to be written. Therefore, for marriages and other important events, consequences, and other events, you should rely on Kundori Astrology and daily horoscopes. Often, the astrological Kundli will tell you what is written in fate and fate based on your date of birth, time, and place. The success or failure of a person or business over some time is determined by Kundli astrology, which calculates the degree of planets in the zodiac.  

It is said that the more accurate the birth time, place and date, the more realistic the astrological horoscope and daily horoscope will be; This is because the accuracy of Kundli depends on the accuracy of your date of birth. Despite all these facts, it is impossible to predict 100% accuracy of horoscopes and daily horoscopes for weddings and other important events (ceremonies). In addition, qualified and experienced astrologers (Jyotish), future predictors, and Pandit are real, genuine, true astrologers and daily for future purposes. 

How To Read a Kundli?

Identify your rising sign or ascendant: In the Kundori below, the first step is to identify your ascendant sign. The number on the first house represents the native ascending or ascending symbol. The planets of Kendari are indicated by the number (112), and the houses are indicated by the Roman numeral (I-XII); with this, 

  •  Aries is indicated by number 1.
  •  Taurus is represented by the number 2. 
  • Twins are indicated by the number 3.  
  • Cancer is indicated by the number 4.  
  • Leo is represented by the number 5.  
  • Virgo is represented by the number 6.  
  • Libra is represented by the number 7.  
  • Scorpio is represented by the number 8 
  •  Sagittarius is represented by the number 9.  
  • Capricorn is represented by the number 10.  
  • Aquarius is represented by the number 11.  
  • Pisces is indicated by the number 12. 

Understanding Houses and Their Importance

There are 12 houses in Kendari, representing aspects of indigenous life and physical characteristics, interests and characteristics. Therefore, each planet or sign placed in the house influences the factor and provides the corresponding result. 

At your birth, Kendari captures and provides a pictorial representation of the location of planets and constellations. Therefore, when learning to read Kundori, you need to understand the abbreviations and meanings of the planets listed in the table.