How to React If you get caught with a Fake ID?

Understand fake id is not legal to possess in any state of the US. It is not illegal to call yourself by any name you want, but when you procure a fake id that resembles one issued by the government, you are breaking the law. It is of course legal when the government uses fake id when undercover to deceive, but not when the tax payer who pays their salary does it.

Like with most laws it is ok for the government to break, but not ok for the people to break. There are a lot of editable fake ID templates available on the Internet for various uses but always use them wisely.

Differentiating between Fake ID vs. Forged ID:

Fake id for the intent to commit identity theft is much different than a fake id being used to enter a night club or purchase beer. Using another person’s ID in any fashion is identity theft. Using a fake id with your real name and altered birth date is not identity theft.

If you happen to be an illegal alien in the US, your chance of punishment of any kind is next to zero for the use of fake id. We can’t be locking up people who have violated Federal law, let alone using a fake identity stolen from a law abiding citizen. That would be unfair right? This would cause disruptions of the cheap labour pool for big businesses. Since they control the US government and have instructed law enforcement to not enforce laws for illegal aliens which leaves only US citizens to focus on. Lucky you!

Thankfully laws for using fake id are rather lax. Just recently in California they have decided to not even charge someone found using fake id. Thank an illegal alien next time you see one, if you are in Los Angeles for this new decision of yet another law for government to selectively not enforce. Usually a bar or night club will just tell you to leave the premises, some establishments may confiscate the fake id, if it is very apparent it is a fake.

How to avoid any Unplanned Circumstances:

About the only way to run into legal trouble is if you were to get into an altercation at a bar you entered using a fake id and the authorities were to be called. Of course, when this happens authorities immediately want to feel you up when they come in contact with you in case you have a weapon. If you find yourself in this situation give your fake id to a friend who is not involved or ditch/hide the fake id prior to the steroid goon’s arrival. Do not lie about your age, it will fall on the establishment for letting you in, and losing your id is not a crime. Goons will know what really happens, but no proof equals any crime.

Keep in mind how you are getting home each time you go out with your fake id. If by car we hope you are not driving. Just be ready always to hide or ditch your ID in the event you are stopped by law enforcement. Little forward thinking can make your life much easier.

Depending the state about the worst that can happen for being in possession of a fake id is a fine and in extreme cases probation.

Do’s While Using a Fake ID:

First, you should always use your real name on your fake id. This allows you to pass a common test bouncer will try by asking for another form of identification with your name on it. This assures you are not using a friend’s id or older sibling that looks like you. Could be a credit card or anything with a matching name on it that they will request.

Now, you pass the matching secondary identification test. The only thing the bouncer can do is quiz you about what is on the license. If you are using an out-of-state fake id make sure you know the area of your license address. Very rare, but we have even heard of bouncers asking what schools you went to in the state area of your license address, then using Google to verify. Make sure you know them just in case. Always be confident and do not be nervous. Please share your experiences and questions below.

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