How to quickly increase online conversion

Conversion in an online store is an essential parameter for analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of your e-store. Professionally it is known as the Ecommerce Conversion Rate. Its improvement and increase determine whether our e-business will grow or decrease, and if it succeeds, then how fast. In this post, I will share with you simple ways to quickly improve it.

  1. Improve the graphic design of your website.

Prepare it with the best UX and UI principles. Which elements should attract your most excellent attention? Conversion can change even:

 – the size and color of the font 

 -the text on the buttons

–  the number of fields on the form.

Without a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of individual pages, do not start optimizing. Be sure to test one element at a time so as not to distort the test results.

2. Improve page loading speed

Nothing annoys users and customers as long as a page takes a long time to load. Suppose its speed is not optimized and it does not load within 2-3 seconds. In that case, we can be sure that many of our customers will abandon our site and give up further purchases. This applies to all pages: home page, product list, product card, and the purchasing process. The page loading speed also has a very significant impact on the position in Google search results.

3. Improve the content on the page

You must ensure that the content is adapted to your users, their needs, and the products/services they need. We should also not forget that “Content is the King!”. It means that the content on our pages should always be of the highest quality to attract recipients and inspire their trust.

4. Newsletter

Use the newsletter subscription module. Thanks to this, you will increase the base of people interested in your products, increase sales, and improve user relations. Remember about personalization in terms of customer interests and data. Do not offer entries to people who are already in your database.

5. Periodically perform A/B tests

This solution can’t be overestimated. We may have the best knowledge about creating online stores in UX, CX, but ultimately the customer himself will tell us what is best for him. Thanks to the tools for performing A / B tests, we have the opportunity to test different variants for individual sections of the online store, such as the home page, product list, or the checkout process. For such an analysis to have a measurable effect, it must be based on the appropriate number of our users.

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