How to Qualify for SSD Benefits for Depression

Depression is a mental illness affecting a lot of people across the globe. The symptoms of depression include anxiety, hopelessness, and weakness. Depression symptoms make it challenging for people to work. If you are someone who is suffering from depression and think you cannot work for at least one year, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

Are you among the millions of people suffering from a mental illness like depression? Does it prohibit you from carrying out your work and completing your daily tasks?

Depression, or major depressive disorder, has several levels of severity. You might require expensive antidepressant prescription medications that lead to serious side effects. In some cases, people might remain unresponsive to treatments. 

Suffering financial setbacks along with depression might become unbearable for you. There may be options available to you. As we have discussed above, Social Security benefits can be a significant source of financial and medical support when you are dealing with a disabling condition. Many disability claims are denied by the Social Security Administration despite applicants having disabling conditions. Often claims are denied because of administrative error or failure to respond to requests for information. That is why it is best to hire a skilled attorney.

Disability Benefits for Depression can be used to pay for basic living expenses. Having a consistent source of income allows disabled individuals to make ends meet even though they may be too sick to remain employed.

Eligibility for disability benefits for depression

There are several symptoms related to depression, and many of them are unbearable. To claim disability benefits successfully, you have to show that your depression makes it impossible for you to work. You also have to meet some of the requirements that the Social Security Administration has already set.

In the SSA Blue Book listing of known impairments, you can find the criteria that must be met in order for SSA to approve your disability claim. To get disability benefits due to depression, medical documentation should show that you have some of the following symptoms:

  • A depressed mood
  • Less interest in everyday activities
  • Disturbance in appetite
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Difficulty with completing tasks
  • Feelings of guilt or remorse
  • Slowed physical movements including impaired speech patterns, enhanced physical agitation, etc.

Also, you need medical documents that demonstrate your limitations in the areas below:

  • Your ability to learn and apply any new skills 
  • Ability to make sound decisions
  • Difficulty interacting with others 
  • Maintaining persistent pace in completion of tasks
  • Adapting to changing circumstances or environments

Medical documentation proving that you meet the listing can be difficult, but you can also use witness statements from psychologists, family members, co-workers, or anybody else who knows you and has observed your symptoms. 

A doctor can also provide you with a psychiatric report and a thoroughly supported psychiatric medical record that shows your history of depression. The record must include every treatment attempted, including the kinds of medication and the therapy attempted. Moreover, the effectiveness of the treatment and any side effects of the medicines should also be noted in the record. 

Your doctor can also state his or her opinion as to how your depression symptoms impact your daily functioning and ability to maintain gainful employment. It is important to ensure you have sufficient medical documentation to support your claim. 

The Social Security Administration depends on medical records for evaluation of the severity of a person’s state of depression and to determine whether the person qualifies for disability or not. That is why it is important to ensure your doctor accurately documents your symptoms. Make sure to attend routine visits with your medical provider so that all of your records are up to date.

Get help from a Social Security disability attorney!

Thousands of people file disability claims across the country every day. To remain efficient, the government screens claims to ensure they are complete and accurate before beginning the complicated review process. Hiring a competent attorney can help you to complete your claim accurately and timely. Many law firms help people with physical and mental disabilities receive monetary compensation for various sources. These benefits provide economic and medical benefits to people with disabilities. Look for an experienced lawyer who has a good track record.

Some law firms also help with applying and submitting the application on behalf of their client. This enables you to get the answers to all of your Social Security disability questions. Moreover, they help you remain informed about your application or appeal progress and offer you guidance throughout the process.

The process of filing your claim for disability benefits is complicated and laborious. Consult with an experienced Dallas Disability Lawyer who can ease the process, ensure you submit a complete and accurate application, and answer any questions you may have along the way.