How to provide home safety while traveling

When travelling, you have a lot of things to take care of. One of the most important things is whether your home is safe or not. To keep your house safe while travelling, you should take all the necessary precautions in advance.

There are various ways of securing your house before you start travelling. These include locking the doors and windows etc. However, some people also get high-security lock installation to make their houses more secure.

Read the article to find out more ways of securing your house while travelling.

Lock everything!

This might seem like a prevalent thing. However, people usually make mistakes while locking their house up, and almost 32% of the robberies occur due to unlocked windows and doors.

While you would lock your doors efficiently, it is essential to lock your windows even on the second floor or above. This is because burglars have their ways of entering houses through unlocked windows no matter what floor they are on.

Clean your mailbox!

If your mailbox is filled with mail, burglars might find that as an indication that the house is empty. Therefore, you should ask someone close to you to take your mail for you every day.

If that is not possible, you can always ask your mail delivery company to put your mail on hold until you return.

Keep your lights on!

If your house is always dark, the burglars can figure out that the house is empty. Thus, before leaving, you should turn a few lights on in your home to give the illusion that someone is in the place.

For this purpose, you can always get smart lights installed in your house. You can set a timer for them to turn on every day and can even control them from wherever you are.

Make use of your car.

 If a car is not present in the driveway, burglars get the idea that no one is home. Therefore, before leaving, lock your vehicle correctly and leave it parked in your driveway. If you are travelling using your car, you should ask a neighbour or a friend to use your parking space.

Don’t leave your valued items unprotected.

Small, easy to grab, and expensive items are always a burglar’s priority. Therefore, you must lock up the smallest valuable item in your house. Keep them in a safe or ask someone to keep them for you while you are away. Also, make sure your garage does not have any expensive things in it while you are not home.

To keep yourself safe from any identity theft, make sure you have all your identification cards, such as social security, etc., with you. If you do not want to take them with you – lock them up!

Prepare the security system.

If you are using a security system or security cameras, make sure they are visible to the people around your house. This way, burglars would know can be seen.

You should program your security systems according to your plans. Your security company should be informed that you will not be home for a few days so they can stay alert!


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