How To Protect Your Motorbike with Garage Security

In the UK on average around 40,000 motorcycles are stolen every year. This statistic is going up every year and owning a motorbike in England or Wales there is a chance your motorbike or moped will be stolen. 

If your motorbike or moped has been stolen the chances of it being found is unlikely because motorcycles have a high resell value making them an attractive and ideal target for robbers, this happens a lot because motorbikes don’t have windows or doors like a car does, meaning they are easier to take. Thieves usually steal bikes by breaking the steering locks and because there is no other protection, many people think one form of protection will protect your bike but to make sure it’s protected and thieves won’t try again here are some tips to upgrade your motorbike security.

Motorbike Security Products

1 – Many products have been developed in the motorbike security market as technology has advanced. Products to help protect your motorbike at home include the Guardsman Garage Security Barrier Bar, offering safety against thieves for your garage. The Guardsman garage bar is fitted with an alarm system that if the bar has tampered with, the alarms will activate with a 130dB screech which will scare off thieves meanwhile the alarm will discreetly call up to 3 holders alerting you that something is happening. 

The garage security bar also includes a chain anchor for that extra support of security, this allows you to lock your bike wheel or any other objects up using a padlock and a chain then connects to the anchor. 

Also, the security chain is made from hardened carbon steel which is a strong material and used for construction which makes it resistant to grinder and hacksaw attacks, through vigorous months of testing it has been hardened making it one of the best chains in the business. 

The Guardsman garage security bar is the best defence against potential thieves because the bar fits across your garage and unless they are superman, I doubt the thieves will be able to pick up a 180kg bike. Worth the investment especially if your bike is the main route of your transportation.

2 – Secondly, the Apex Pro Ground Anchor is a motorbike ground anchor which if you don’t have a garage this is a great investment! The Apex Pro has been proven to be the strongest self-installing ground anchor on the market. The anchor itself has a few perks like the installing process is easy and quick meaning when you buy it, it can be set up straight away. 

They were manufactured and designed in the UK and have a black coated finish for at night thieves won’t be able to see what’s preventing their crime. They have a lifetime warranty and prove to be the best after months of testing the Apex Pro is the toughest, most durable, and resilient against any tools.

3 – Another great device for protection against thieves is ZOVII ZD10 Alarmed Disk Lock which is an anti-theft security alarm made from carbide reinforced steel with a double locking system. The security alarm is a highly resistant material that can withstand the force of hits from a saw and other tools. The alarm is a 120dB alarm that can be heard from over 500 meters away, which will be heard by everyone in the vicinity scaring off the thief. 

The alarm is also waterproof electronic which means if thieves tried to pour water onto it to disarm the alarm nothing would happen and it’s also Ice spray proof so again thieves won’t be able to freeze it to disarm it. 

4 – In addition, the ZOVII ZBL121 Smart Alarmed Shackle Lock is a great tool, not too expensive and if you park your bike on your driveway this will prevent thieves and opportunists. Like The Guardsman the lock has Bluetooth that can connect to your smartphone through your internet and will send you an instant message when someone tries to tamper with your lock. This also means it’s great evidence to show the authorities to help catch the thieves. 

The Padlocks are made from a solid zinc body with stainless steel which means they are high-quality padlocks. The locks are also made from anti-rust material and are completely electronic and waterproof like the Alarmed Disk Lock.

It is important to invest in motorbike security as soon as possible, to avoid the disappointment and heartache of losing your bike to theft.