How to Protect your Employees in COVID-19?

With the growing death cases due to COVID-19, it has become significant for business owners, HR departments, and facility managers to take all the necessary measures for their employee’s wellbeing. So far, the pandemic is under a developing situation, and the assessment is evolving – things are uncertain.

Today, we have decided to educate our audience, especially corporate premises, to take all the precautionary measures. Few tips need to be made by the offices, and few are about seeking services from the cleaning company.

We will begin with the step’s employer has to take for employees in the pandemic situation:

Steps to Protect Yourself and Workers from Pandemic

  1. Motivate Sick Employees to Stay Home

First and foremost, the thing is to convey all the employees to stay home. If they are going through any of the COVID-19 symptoms, periodically communicate your employees to stay home if any employee is showing signs of ailment. Furthermore, the employees shouldn’t resume the office until all the signs are finished for over 24 hours.

  1. Do Routine Disinfection at your Office

It’s the most significant part, and routine cleaning days are gone. Now business owners have to show-up strict policy towards disinfection. All the workstations are supposed to be clean, and sanitizers must be placed on each workplace. The reason is, it will prevent the spread of germs because nobody can see it with the naked eye. Surfaces need to be cleaned regularly are:

  1. Floors and walls
  2. Countertops
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Doorknobs
  5. Workstations and desks
  6. Dining area
  7. Conference Room

All of these are cleaned through commercial cleaning services. They have top-notch machines and equipment’s along with professional staff to clean the places that are not so important in layman’s eye. Nowadays, electrostatic disinfecting is used because it’s cost-effective and fast. After all, the business owner also has to see the budget and time taken to clean.

  • Advise Workers to Take Steps Before Traveling

If your employees are traveling outside the city or country, tell them to see CDC Traveler’s Health Page see all guidance, updates, and recommendation. It will help you, employees, to take precautionary measures while traveling for office or personal work. In case any employee is unwell, the office shouldn’t allow them to go.


  • Don’t Overuse Masks

Don’t allow any employee or visitor without a mask inside the workplace. In addition, the CDC recommends not overuse facemasks. So, it’s urged that business owners provide adequate masks to all their workers to avoid the spread of disease in case the person is a carrier of COVID-19. It will not spread around the workplace because people will be wearing a mask.

  • Focus on Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

After giving the policy for sick employees, provide your employees with all the CDC guidelines on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. There should be easy access for all the workers towards tissues and dustbin. As mentioned earlier, sanitizers supposed to be on all the desks. Moreover, the worker should wash their hands after an hour for 20 seconds.

COVID-19 Safety Doesn’t Stop Here

Since you have mentioned all the guidelines in the pandemic season, all of the points can be followed, however. The problem lies when disinfection is not correctly done. We discussed the routine disinfection at your workplace. Sometimes people don’t seek services of professional cleaning companies tending COVID-19 cases later.

It’s one of the most challenging jobs to find a commercial cleaning company because of the high competition, especially after the birth of COVID-19. If you successfully find a reputable company, it will keep your workplace germ-free. So, we will discuss how to find an expert commercial cleaning company:

Things to See in a Professional Cleaning Company

  • Go Through the Internet

In cities like Florida, you will find plenty of janitorial company. These commercial cleaning companies have different types of offers for different sizes of offices. So, start searching on the internet. As a business owner, you have to take a personal interest in it. See the customer reviews on their social media account. You may also come across valuable insight on different cleaning companies’ sites – based upon your research, narrow down your list.

  • References

Once you have narrowed down your list, who might meet your requirement, it’s time to contact them and ask specific inquires related to their COVID-19 disinfection services. Firstly, ask them about the references. A reputable commercial cleaning company will always have several recommendations – they will also provide details of potential clients. When you contact their existing clients, ask them essential questions related to a commercial cleaning company – ask about their professionalism, responsiveness, and culture.

  • Insurance

A reputable commercial cleaning company will always have a type of insurance, which is significant. You must know that as a client, you will not be responsible for any mishap happens to a janitorial employee at your site. For example, an employee accidentally slips on the floor and fracture any part of the body – the cleaning company will be liable for insurance coverage. Ask them about insurance before taking on-board. Moreover, it’s also essential for you to learn about the different insurances required. Hence, any company that doesn’t comply with insurance should be removed from your list.

  • Cleaning Materials

Different companies use different types of cleaning materials. Before you sign a contract with a commercial cleaning company, ensure you see the products they are using. Many janitorial services use third-grade products, and results are zero by the end. The only reputable company prefers to use a set of products for cleaning and niche quality. If any of your employees have an allergy to a specific product, don’t allow the company to use it because it may affect the health of your workers.

Author Bio:

Juan Brown is running cleaning services in Florida for the past ten years. His expertise, along with the experience, has shaped the business to one of the famous franchises in the town. Brown is consistently expanding his business around the US.