How to protect your children from the unwanted effects of video games?

Certainly, some experts have recognized the benefits of using video games. Video games can reinforce certain qualities and abilities. However, far from castigating video games, their practice can constitute a danger for young people, especially young children even playing with the best consoles for children. Therefore, as parents, you must remain vigilant and supervise the use of these games. You need to set up rules to protect your little ones.

Here are the some tips to avoid the harmful effects of video games on children.

Choose the right place to install a console

To avoid the nuisance of video games, you should avoid having consoles in your children’s room. To control the activity of your offspring in front of a screen, it is advisable to place the console in a central room of your home rather than in the living room. This way, you can make sure that bedtime is not exceeded by video game use.

Set rules

To prevent addiction and the risks associated with gaming, you need to establish real rules, but not ones that are perceived as draconian.

Limit the time to avoid harming your child with video games

Without prohibiting access to video games, you should limit the amount of time they can be played: 30 to 60 minutes a day is a reasonable amount of time. A maximum of 2 hours of exposure to screens (television, video games, Internet) per day for children is recommended.

Adapting games to their age

When buying a video game, you should find out what the game contains and ask yourself certain questions:

  • Does the video game selected match your values, the maturity level of your cherub?
  • What types of games: edutainment, strategy, simulation, action or adventure?
  • Is your child old enough to have controllers in his hands?

Vary the activities

Choose other leisure activities to diversify your child’s interests. After all, video games are just one of many cultural media. You can offer leisure activities related to your child’s passions: books (novels, comics), manual activities, outings and outdoor activities, etc.

Preventing the phenomenon of addiction

To avoid the harmful effects of video games, take the time to observe your child: changes in behavior, irritability, nervousness, sleep disorders, school failure, psychological suffering, etc.

Some parents may feel powerless when faced with the onset of their child’s addiction to video games. They can turn to a specialist in the behavioral problems of adolescents and children.

Note that on June 18, 2018, addiction to video games was formally recognized as a disease by the WHO, World Health Organization in the same way as cocaine or gambling.