How to properly pedal a spin bike

Do you want to learn how to properly pedal a spin bike?

We know very well spin bikes are a great way for weight loss and maintain healthy fitness. They’re easy on your joints and offer an intense workout. Therefore if you have a budget spin bike, you can drip sweat within minutes. 

But if you don’t know how to pedal properly, it can be hard to see results. Sometimes even safety issues come while using one. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of proper spinning techniques. Plus, you’ll also be able to improve your performance and avoid injury by following some simple steps. 

It doesn’t matter if you are new to cycling or have been riding for years. By using a cheap spin bike, this guide is perfect for everything.

How to indoor cycle correctly (Setup):

  • Set up is very important to ride any indoor like spin bike correctly. Although it’s not directly related to bike pedaling, if you don’t know how to set up a spin bike properly, it may cause injury while riding. So, try to follow the following basic steps before start pedaling:
  • First, stand near the spin bike and measure the saddle height. It should be around your hip level. If it’s not, you can adjust the saddle height lower or higher.
  • Then adjust the seat post. For that, sit on the seat by slighting bending and see if your leg touches down the pedals. If it’s not, adjust the seat by lift up or down so that you can make a comfortable rotation while riding.
  • Now it’s time to adjust the saddle. For doing that seat on the bike saddle and keep your toes and knees in a straight line. If your knee leans over your toes, adjust the saddle by moving forward and backward.
  • No, it’s time to adjust the handlebar. Ideally, you can raise or lower your handlebar height. To fix that sit on the bike comfortably and keep you’re back straight. Don’t bend or keep your eyes strained.See how much height you need to adjust and do that without putting in the extra effort.
  • Now double-check whether all the adjustments are properly done or not if you found a loose or tight-fitting change to make smooth riding.

Proper foot position for spinning:

After complete bike adjustment, now it’s time to get ready yourself for the spinning. Foot position is very important for spinning. So, first, strap your shoes in the pedals. Just plant both feet slowly into the pedal so that it won’t hurt or slip during a workout. Keep your feet in the center position in the pedal and strap the pedals. It prevents stay out of the feet.

Proper spin bike form (Posture):

  • After fixation, now slightly bend your arms and hold onto the handlebars. Try to position your hands on the end of the vertical handles. It is the perfect hand position for working out jumping and climbing.
  • Keep your eyes slightly bend, and don’t be too rigid. Keep your shoulder relaxed for comfortable riding.
  • While sitting, make sure you have settled on the cushioned widest part of the saddle. It will prevent you from falling from the seat unnecessarily.
  • Now lean forward to 45-degree of your handlebars by keeping your back straight. Keep your hand on the handlebars so that you can feel comfortable while pedaling
  • At this time, you can start pedaling. While pedaling, keep your abs tight to provide more effort. As spin bike won’t come with any upright support, you should engage your abs to maintain body balance.
  • When you do pedal, guide each rotation instead of pushing the legs. Pushing legs and pedaling is not the right way to exercise, and you can’t go for a longer time. So, try to pull up your legs in each rotation and pedal along.
  • It is also a great way for hamstrings and your quad exercise. One thing is don’t forget to strap your foot when you get into the spin bike.

How to pedal in a spin bike?

  • We have already shared the pedaling system, and by following that, you can start with 15 minutes of pedaling first. Divide this 5 minutes into 3 sections. 5 minutes for warm-up, 5 minutes are pedaling at low resistance, and 5 minutes for pedaling at higher resistance. 
  • Repeat the process 3 times, and once you are done, cool down 1 minute at a low resistance.
  • Gradually you can increase timing according to your body preference.


That’s all about how to properly pedal a spin bike. You won’t have to worry about spending too much time or money on a workout routine if you can follow this. 

So experience spinning without any problems!