How to Promote Positivity in the Workplace in 2021

Toxic work culture has sadly become a norm within many companies across the country. Unfair expectations and abuse of power are just a few ways employees are being threatened in the workplace.

This behavior is not only unjust but dehumanizing to staff members. Avoiding these issues should be a top priority when managing your workplace culture. 

The best way to approach this issue is to promote positivity in all aspects of the job. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to achieve a healthier environment.

Foster Openness

Encouraging an environment that appreciates openness shows employees that their opinions matter. In some offices, the standard practice is to enforce strict deadlines with consequences for unmet goals.

These restrictions cause distrust amongst employees and can hurt the overall production of work. By fostering openness, you can get a clear sense of where your employees are having issues. 

This process not only gives them a sense of security but helps them work through issues more openly. As a result, your employees will start to feel safe at work and trust that they are supported.

Empathize With Others

In general, a positive workplace creates happy employees. There is no better way to achieve that than by empathizing with the people who support your company. It creates a sense of connection and gives employees a voice. 

One way to do this is by making the workplace personal as well as professional. To do this, you should ensure that all employee’s concerns are voiced and addressed.

Also, you should make sure you take time to understand their concerns. Many people make the mistake of listening to respond rather than to understand. 

Often, employers try to resolve issues that employees have when sympathizing with them. More often than not this creates a divide within the workplace.  

Encourage Collaboration 

Your employees are the backbone of your office as their efforts produce the bulk of work. With this in mind, you can promote positivity by starting positive habits within the company. 

You should develop these habits with teamwork and collaboration in mind. Regardless of your company, work is generally produced more efficiently when it is developed within a well-managed team. 

Hosting meetings surrounding conflict management training is one way to bring your team together. They give employees the chance to solve problems collaboratively while building relationships with each other. 

Also, you could set up coffee meetings or staff lunches to promote collaboration. These events could be held on a daily or weekly basis depending on your team schedule.

Each of these gatherings would give employees the chance to interact on a personal and professional level. As a result, this could also help further developing their bonds with each other.

Support a Work-Life Balance

Besides company vacation time and sick days, employees need to be supported with a healthy balance of work and personal life. Without balance, employees will become burnt out due to high levels of stress.

If you notice an employee is not performing at their best you should offer them a break if they feel it is necessary. Although this may seem counterproductive, the work of burnt-out employees very rarely lives up to their usual standards.  

Also, employees who are given more freedom around their schedule will value the company more. Time off helps them recuperate and return to work more focused and motivated than when they left. 

In many workplaces, employees are not given this sense of security. They may also fear for their job security if they take time off. More often than not this causes burnout. Some signs that may show employee burnout include: 

  • A decrease in quantity/quality of work produced 
  • Frequently distracted 
  • Lack of motivation 

These signs should never be ignored. Keeping your employees happy should always be your top priority when outlining your workplace dynamics. 

Give Recognition  

Another way to improve productivity is to acknowledge employees. This act can be done following a professional achievement, career milestone, or even a smaller, less-impactful accomplishment.

Recent studies have shown that frequent recognition of work is directly correlated to retention within companies. In fact, 63% of people surveyed stated that they are less likely to search for a new job if they are regularly recognized in their current role.

You can recognize your employees in many different forms depending on the preference of the recognized employee. Awards, certificates, or a simple company-wide email noting their achievements are all ways you can express your appreciation. 

Be a Model of Positivity 

As a leader of your workplace, the behaviors and attitudes you project have a massive impact on your employees. You are their manager and represent company values for them as they execute their daily tasks. 

Some culture-threatening behaviors include workplace harassment or improper workplace etiquette. Be sure to address these issues immediately after you notice them.

Prolonged toxic culture harms your company’s reputation and damages the employee’s mental health.

Being proactive in your role will show your employees how they should approach their position. After all, you are the head of their department. If you’re not displaying the behaviors and attitudes you’re preaching, chances are your employees won’t either.

Creating a Space to Promote Positivity 

Regardless of your industry, you always want to make sure your employees are happy. Improving their mental health will not only help enhance their work ethic but promote trust and security across the entire office.

As you approach your next workplace meeting or company retreat, think about these tips mentioned above. Employing any of these ideas will help promote positivity and create a healthy office environment. 

To learn more tips for your company, feel free to explore the business section of our site. Alternatively, for advice on improving mental health for you or your employees in general, check out our section on health.