How to Print Outlook Emails without Header: Trusted Methods

Outlook emails often contain important information and need to be printed. But people do not always want to print the header information with the emails. These people ask the question – “how to print Outlook emails without header?” In this blog, we will address this query and provide you with suitable solutions. But first of all, let us go through one query related to the topic.

My manager asked me to print a bunch of emails. When I printed them out for him, he said that he wants the header info to be excluded. Now I am in trouble as I do not know how to print Outlook emails without header. I tried some manual methods but with no result. If there is some reliable method to print email data without header. Please let me know.”

How to Print Outlook Emails without Header: Top Methods

There are multiple methods that help users to perform email printing without header. As we all know, PDF is the best file format to print any document. So, it is better to export Outlook emails to PDF first and then get a print out of it. Read on to know about the reliable approaches:

Method 1: How to Print PST Emails without Header for Free

At first, we will discuss the manual technique to save the email message to PDF without Header. As this is a free method, users will find it useful in case they are not willing to spend money. This technique is suitable if you have only a few number of emails. But there is a disadvantage of this method: it can save only one email at a time in PDF format.

Follow these steps to manually print Outlook emails without header:

1. Open Outlook and open your preferred email that needs to be printed.

2. Click on Reply button from the Menu bar.

3. The Reply message will open in front of you. There will be header info like recipient, subject, attachment, etc. in both body and header. You have to manually remove the header info from everywhere.

4. Now, click on File and then Print. Choose the printer name from the list and click on Print.

5. The Outlook email will be printed without header easily.

Method 2: How to Print Outlook Emails without Header

We have already mentioned that the manual method is ideal for a few number of emails. In case you have to print a large number of emails from Outlook, you should choose the reliable software named SysTools PST to PDF Converter. With the help of this software, users get the option to save PST file email data in PDF both with and without header. The tool also does not need MS Outlook installation as it can process PST file directly.

Here is the guide to use this application:

1. Download, install and open SysTools PST to PDF Converter.

2. Click on Add File button on the Home page of the tool.

3. Now, you will get options File or Folder. Choose the option depending on your need to whether add a single or multiple PST files.

4. If you have a damaged PST file, check Advance Scan option.

5. Finally, click on Add button. This will load the PST file data in the software.

6. All Outlook emails can be previewed at this stage. You can select the emails you need from this screen.

7. Click on Export button and Choose PDF format.

8. Click on Advanced Settings and go to General Setting tab. Uncheck the “Include Internet Message Header” option of this section since your need is to print Outlook emails without header. You can also go to Advanced Settings section to apply other PDF settings.

9. Now, choose the saving location for the PDF files and click on Export.

10. You can access the PDF files from the above-mentioned location after the conversion is done. Proceed to print the files without any header information.

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If you want to know how to print Outlook emails without header, this is the right article for you. Here, we have mentioned two useful methods of printing Outlook emails with step-by-step guide. Based on their requirement, users can choose any of the methods and successfully print their emails.