How to prevent your basement from flooding?

Damage from water can be catastrophic causing damage to personal property and losing the integrity of your home. A flood can happen anywhere at any hour and for several reasons, catches a lot of homeowners by surprise. If you notice water or dampness in your basement, then being the lowest point in your house, it becomes the most severely damaged part. Flooding in the basement is bad as it can weaken the foundation of your house and comprise the full framework. But the good news is that you can take steps to prevent your basement from flooding. Check out the top ways recommended for it:

Keep your gutters cleaned

Debris such as particles, dried leaves can block water flow in the gutters and force it to flow over the sides of your gutter. This water settles in the foundation of your home and finds its way into your basement. Cleaning your gutters regularly may be a tiring job but it is worth the effort. If you have trees close to you bigger than your roofline, then you are at a bigger risk of gutter blockage. You have to pay more attention to the hanging and falling leaves. Spring and fall seasons are recommended times to clean the gutters.

Backwater valve installation

Getting a backwater valve installed on the main drain line from the house will not let water back up and enter your house. The valve comes with a flap which permits water to leave your house and gets shut when back flowing water tries to enter back in the house through the pipes.

Sump pump installation

An installation of a sump pump stops water from entering the basement and also pumps it out and away from your house, restricting any damage. They are recommended for flood prone areas. Once a sump pump basin reaches a particular water level, it switches the pump on which channels the water out of your home.

Basement waterproofing

Waterproofing Toronto is the installation of proper drainage to prevent water from entering your basement. It can be done on the outside or inside of your foundation walls. The additional membrane installed stops water from passing and channels it downward to a weeping tile which drains it away from the house.

Installation of window well

Window wells are recommended to let light into your basement windows. But a good window well installation offers much more help than just offering an opening for light. Window well also avert the ground around your window from conceding in, but most essentially, a well installed window well will let any water to drain away. It can be accomplished by using weeping tiles and crushed stone.

If you want to avoid all possible chances of basement flooding, then do not wait for the disaster to strike you. Hire Waterproofing PD to waterproof your basement now. They are specialists and will first inspect the reason for basement flooding and then suggest the right measures for it. Give them a call today and schedule an appointment with one of the team members.