How To Prevent The Side Effects Of Pre-Workout Supplements?

You might be an enthusiastic gym goer who likes to consume Disorder Pre-workout and other supplements. Have you ever experienced unwanted side effects? At least 54% of the people who consume pre-workout supplements have complained about side effects. If you’re one of them, you are in the right place.

This article will help you understand the side effects of pre-workout supplements and tell you preventative measures. So, you will combat the side effects and continue consuming pre-workout supplements like Disorder Pre-workout.

Side Effects and the Preventative Measures

Pre-workout supplements are beneficial to you as they help boost your performance during physical activity. They generally contain copious amounts of caffeine, nitric acid, amino acids, and creatine. These supplements keep you alert and focused and ensure you have a burst of energy while doing cardio and weights in the gym. However, there are several side effects.

The side effects of pre-workout supplements are many. But you needn’t worry because you can prevent them by following the below tips to continue consuming them safely.

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Often some pre-workout supplements might have a laxative ingredient that can affect people with a sensitive stomach. When in high dosage, ingredients like arginine, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, creatine, caffeine, taurine, and more could cause diarrhea.

The most likely reason for diarrhea is misusing your supplement. If you take more than prescribed, you’ll have diarrhea.

Preventing the Side effect

To prevent diarrhea due to the supplement, you can add more water than recommended. This will dilute the effects of the supplement. Plus, you must keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Further, ensure you consume only as much as prescribed or lesser.


If you’re a person who works out at night and needs a pre-workout supplement to help you thrive through it, you might need to re-think it. Taking a pre-workout after 6 pm could make you an insomniac. The pre-workout supplement contains a lot of caffeine which gives you bursts of energy for your workout.

Preventing the Side effect

To prevent insomnia, you might want to reduce the quantity of pre-workout you take. Alternatively, you can consume a pre-workout supplement with lower levels of caffeine.

High Blood Pressure

A pre-workout supplement is essentially a stimulant, so it will increase your blood pressure. Ingredients like caffeine and creatine contribute to increasing your blood pressure.

Preventing the Side effect

To prevent getting high blood pressure, you might need to undergo a trial and error to see which supplement works well for you. You can try out some brands with fewer stimulants to ensure your blood pressure doesn’t spike much.

Tingly and Prickly Sensations

Pre-workout supplements can sometimes give you a tingly and prickly sensation all over your body. This generally depends on your body’s sensitivity to the various ingredients. Commonly, if your pre-workout has a high dosage of niacin, beta-alanine, or vitamin B3, you might get these sensations.

The niacin is added to make you feel something and can cause a flushing effect on the skin.

Preventing the Side effect

If you have sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to get a pre-workout supplement with little to no niacin. This will help you prevent prickly and tingly sensations.


Pre-workout supplements, while beneficial, may have some side effects. However, you don’t need to stop consuming them altogether. You merely need to ensure you choose your supplement carefully.

If you face insomnia, you might want to choose a pre-workout with less caffeine. Similarly, if you face too much prickly and tingly sensation, consume a pre-workout with less to zero grams of niacin. Each side effect occurs due to some ingredients. If you face one or two side effects, you merely need to check the ingredients and get the right one.

So, prevent side effects by consuming the right Disorder pre-workout or other supplements.