How to Prevent Data Loss

High-security security breaches are a great reminder that data security is essential when running a business. Data loss occurs when information systems are hacked, deleted, or unrecoverable. Data loss mainly occurs due to transmission, storage, or processing neglect.

Data loss is different from data unavailability that occurs after a power outage. Data security has become more essential since the world is becoming more reliant on data. The typical data breach costs organizations around $5 billion annually and the numbers are set to rise unless appropriate action is taken.

Below we discuss how to prevent data loss in your storage website.

  1. Create a Security Policy for Devices

Portable devices like laptops or mobile phones let your team members work from home, increasing your organization’s productivity. These devices can make your company more susceptible to data loss or theft, especially from angry ex-workers.

Third parties can also cause a data breach by accessing the company’s devices. Making and implementing a policy for a phone or other portable devices prevents your brand from data loss. Sign-in and sign-out policies enable your organization to keep track of their devices and who had them last.

It will help to have a remote wipe process to lock the device when you cannot track it.

  1. Back-Up the Data

Another way to prevent data loss is by having several backups of your organization’s data. Having backups of your most crucial data means you will not be affected when something occurs to the original version. It is advisable to have several backup options for your data since you can use the alternative if one system has a problem.

Consider having at least three copies of your organization’s most crucial data. Put one copy in the cloud, and the rest can stay in a physical server. It will also help to have an off and on-site backup and other on-site backups. Also, consider having two copies of the less critical data and one for the least important information.

  1. Encrypt Sensitive Information

Another component of keeping your company’s data safe is ensuring that bad factors cannot harm them. Encryption makes it hard for unauthorized personnel to comprehend stolen data.  The data should be encrypted when at rest mode on the cloud or server. It is also advisable to encrypt data in transit, like when someone uploads to the cloud.

  1. Create a ‘No Drink or Food’ Policy

A spilled cup of tea or coffee can cause substantial damage to your company’s data. It is advisable to introduce a no drinking or eating policy for employees in the workstation to avoid data loss.

You can achieve this by creating a designated place in your office where the staff can eat or drink. Encourage the team to take frequent breaks to take snacks to prevent them from eating in sensitive areas.

Final Thoughts

A data loss is the worst thing that can happen to any organization. Data security has become an essential thing lately because of the increased internet usage. The above article has discussed avoiding data loss, and you can reach out for more information.