How to Present Subject Matter Effectively?

The ability to present subject matter effectively is something that is done quite well in KL international schools. That is actually true of any CBSE school worth its while. This is on account of the fact that CBSE schools need to present their subject matter in a certain way to ensure that their students receive education in the manner intended by CBSE.

The leading KL international school Global Indian International School is a good example of how this can be done. Let’s take a leaf out of their book and try to learn a thing or two about effective presentation of subject matter.


Lectures delivered in the classroom and these days often online, are a classical and time honoured method of imparting knowledge. Rather than teachers simply reading out from prepared notes, lectures work better when they are more interactive, spontaneous and replete with live examples. A lecture well delivered can stay with a student for life. It can kindle a deep interest in a subject on the part of a student. If the students can’t wait to attend a lecture, you know that things are working out.

Group Discussion

A group discussion in which the teacher and students jointly brainstorm a problem leads to an involved exchange of ideas that help in obtaining knowledge at a deep level. The teacher at cbse school endeavors to provide information by way of the questions and answers that get thrown up during the course of a discussion. What’s especially good about this method of instruction is the fact that you are able to appreciate diverse points of view and learn to arrive at an informed consensus. 

Role Play

Under this highly impactful method of instruction students are called upon to perform diverse roles that simulate real life situations. An economics class, for instance, would come alive if students performed roles like that of capitalists, rent seekers and workers. Similarly a chapter on marketing could have students taking on the roles of buyers and sellers. Teaching by exemplifying is a known way of reaching education to  students.

Hands-On Instruction

This is ideal in the case of subjects like the arts and physical education. Teachers show exactly what needs to be done. A physical training teacher for example will demonstrate how an exercise is to be correctly performed, so that the students get it right. 

Similarly the functioning of a parliamentary democracy could be demonstrated by way of conducting a mock parliament in the classroom. 

Software Programs

We are in the middle of a great digital revolution and it is inevitable that technology will be an inevitable part of modern day teaching and learning. Teachers these days are able to use software programs to reach content to their students in a highly efficient manner.

They can use specific programs to send across instructions for an entire semester or for specific lessons. Many of these software programs add value by way of curated subject materials, assessments as well as other support materials. Some of these programs are also able to generate analytics about the way students perform, allowing teachers to address areas of weakness and concern.

Multimedia Presentation

It is a known fact that audio visual stimuli have a more lasting impact on people than mere reading. That is why multimedia presentation can be put to great use in passively imparting knowledge. Tools like powerpoint presentations and movies are an easy and effective way of catching young student’s attention in these days of low attention spans.

Asking Students to Read and Research Independently

The aim of education is to encourage people to develop a deep interest in a subject to the extent that one is motivated to know all that there is to know about it. It makes sense to encourage students to read and research on their own, so as to develop an in-depth perspective about what they are learning. Other than suggesting books to read, one could also suggest that they themselves zero in on reading material that they think would embellish their knowledge about the subject in question.

Sunil Kumarr

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