How to Prepare Your Car For Shipment

Tips For Shipping a Car

Are you going to be  needing to ship your car across the country? Many differences exist in car shipping companies, so if you are looking at transporting a car, it is essential to understand the nuances.

Some carry huge insurances, while others don’t, and if anything happens to your car, you want to be sure that you are properly covered. When you plan to ship a car, you are going to want a good experience. There are many things to know before you ship a car. Let’s take a look at some of the most vital.

Shipping a Car Can Be Risky

Shipping your car on an open trailer is often cheaper but could leave your vehicle at risk of damage from weather, chains, or objects flying onto it while it is being transported.

If chains are secured to the vehicle inappropriately, this can be another strain on the vehicle, especially when the chains are tightened. Nylon straps may be a better option.

Ask questions on how the car will be secured before you use a provider to ensure your car is in good hands. Here are some crucial points to consider before shipping a car.

  • You probably won’t get to see all the equipment they use, but obviously, you will want to know that it is in good working order and not rusty as you don’t want your car flying off the transporter because the chain has broken.
  • Use an enclosed truck if possible.
  • Try to gauge the experience of the drivers used. This type of work is a skill, and you will want a driver who has done this many times before. A family auto transportation business is usually a good option.
  • Make sure that the company has adequate insurance coverage.
  • Ask for a copy of the insurance policy, and then you will be certain that insurance is adequate.
  • Book well in advance as it will take about 7-10 days to get your car across the country. When shipping a car it should be moved to the top of your list of moving priorities to take care of.

Read Reviews Before Shipping Your Car

You need to be able to trust the auto transport company you choose. Take a look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Website, and check out your prospective company’s safety record.

Ask for personal recommendations as others will have been through this experience and will have researched the companies. You may also want to check with the mover you’re hiring for all the belongings in your house.

Some of the larger moving companies will also ship a car as well. The cost of moving may be cheaper as a whole if you can have your mover add your car as part of the move.

Beware of Auto Transport Brokers

The brokers bid your shipment to a group of shipping companies, which may be cheaper, but it will take the choice out of your hands. You don’t know who the broker is planning to use, and it could be a not-so-good driver with a slightly dodgy company and poor customer service.

So don’t be fooled. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for certainly applies to car shipping companies.

When Shipping Cars There Should Be No Large Deposit

Good carriers usually do not ask for a deposit. You pay at the end when you pick the car up. When you pay, pay with a credit card to have a good record of the transaction.

Don’t Base Car Shipping Decisions on Price Alone

Remember, your valuable car is going across the country, and you want it to arrive safely and without scratches. The lowest price that you are offered will probably not be the best.

You don’t want an inexperienced driver or a truck with old equipment. Pay a bit more to have your car in an enclosed carrier, especially during adverse weather events.

Check The Car Shipping Companies Insurance

You want to know that all insurances are in place and that the company has a cargo insurance cover to cover enclosed transport. Insurance is one of the most vital aspects to consider when shipping a car.

Explain Your Scheduling Needs Upfront

Trucks run different routes that mean that the scheduling takes time, and it could take a week from picking up your car until it gets to your new home.

If you can avoid trying for it to be done quicker, that will be best, which can cost a lot more. Part of the price structuring is that they can do it when they have a full load.

Preparing Your Car For The Trip

Make sure that there is a small amount of gas in the tank. About one-quarter of a tank should suffice so that your car can be driven on and off the trailer. Double-check that the battery is good to go and your oil has been changed. You don’t want any additional costs incurred.

If you are in winter, make sure the antifreeze is in and remove your E tag, or you will be paying gratuitous road tolls all across the country! Good luck with getting that money back.

Remove any personal items from the car before transporting. Check the glove box to make sure there are no valuables left behind.

Explain Your Cars Idiosyncracies

Any cut-off switches should be explained to the driver, and many new cars have breaks that only work when the engine is running. It may be a vintage car, and if this is the case, the vehicle may need to be explained more fully, with a written list of instructions.

Inspect The Car Before Departure

When the driver picks the car up, he will inspect it for scratches and damage. You should inspect it with them and note any pre-existing problems together. After your car is delivered at the end of the journey, go through the same process again, and if any damage is noted, you should make a claim to the company.

Many of the drivers are excellent, experienced workers and will do everything in their power to keep the car safe in transit.

Transporting Expensive Cars

If you have a luxury car, shipping it across the country is very important. The car is worth a lot of money, so you’ll want to be extra careful with the car shipping company you choose to hire. Even if you pay more than you expected to for a good enclosed truck carrier, it is worth it to have your car arrive safely.

Contact The Registry Upon Your Arrival

Contacting the registry ensures that you do not require a different registration or pay state taxes following the move. This way, you will be certain that all insurances are still current by giving your car’s new address and paying essential registrations.

If you are relocating for work or lifestyle, it is easier to use a good car shipping company that has a sterling reputation.

Final Thoughts on Preparing Your Car For Shipment

Shipping a car is a common occurrence when moving from one state to another or making a long-distance move. It is essential to do proper research on the car shipping company you choose to do business with.

It pays to do some thorough research to increase the odds of a pleasurable experience like you would when hiring a traditional moving company or a self-storage company. Only with proper research can you expect to have the best experience when shipping a car.

Hopefully, you have found these tips on how to prepare your car for shipment to be useful. Best of luck with your move!

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