How to prepare the rooms before painting

When the days get longer, the sun gets warmer, and less humid air is the right time to paint your house. Nothing is better than painting the house’s walls to freshen up the rooms. I like to take advantage of it to change the color of the rooms; it is a great way to make rooms always appear fresh and new. When you want your drywall to be finished well that’s when you should consider hiring drywall contractor to do the work for you so your walls will look perfect.

Here you will find many suggestions for choosing and combining colors; if you want practical tips for painting your home or hiring a professional residential painter near me, read below.

How to paint the walls of the house without paint staining

Before starting to paint your house, you must prepare the room where you intend to work. You have to get masking tapes and the appropriate plastic sheets to cover the floor, doors, windows and possibly also the furniture. Even if you cannot remove it temporarily, I recommend that you move it at least to the center of the room.

With the tape, go over the cover of the switches well, cover the skirting board and the entire perimeter of the room at the junction between the wall and the ceiling. Of course, if you choose to paint your home, you must wear clothes you are not afraid of irreparably staining, and you must protect your hands with practical painting gloves, such as those in Extreme latex. If you take these small tricks, painting the house walls will be much easier than you think. However, you can avoid the stress and use an experience license painter near me.

Home painting: how to do it and where to start

It is not yet time to pick up rollers and brushes. Before starting to paint the house walls, you need to check if the walls are in perfect condition. This means that you have to fill the holes left by nails or dowels and do the same in the case of cracks. An experienced interior painter near me knows how to go about this to provide a perfect painting quickly.

However, you will need to have stucco or plaster for interiors on hand for this operation. Remember that this chore will take you a couple of hours – that’s the time it takes to apply the putty, let it dry, and then sand it down with sandpaper.

 If, on the other hand, your problem is a wall subject to humidity or mold, first clean the wall well with a specific anti-mold treatment and then move on to apply the anti-mold fixing primer.

Brushes or rollers for home painting

Once you have decided on the color and type of paint to paint the house, you need to get buckets to put the paint and brushes. Depending on the type of paint you intend to use and the final result you want to achieve, you will need rollers and short-haired or long-haired brushes.

In general, different types of roller are used to paint the walls of the house, which are also convenient when you want to create a decorative effect, such as painting the walls with an orange peel. And the brushes? It would help if you had those too because they are mainly used for finishing and painting corners: they are the tools you need to make this precision work easier.


Suppose you are looking for inspiration on how to paint the house’s walls, and you are undecided between enamels, water-based paint, washable paint, and decorative paints. In that case, I suggest you contact a cheap house painter near me to get the best budget to change your mind about painting it yourself.