How to Prepare for the ACCUPLACER Test in a Week?

When it comes to studying for an exam, we usually need a month or even a year in order for us to prepare effectively.

This is especially more important if the college or university that we want to attend is prestigious or the best in the field that we want to build up a career upon.

However, when it comes to the ACCUPLACER test, most incoming college students shrug it off since it’s not an entrance exam and more of a means to help institutions make course placement decisions for students.

As a result, a majority of them are forced to take a number of remedial classes for not doing well enough in the actual exam for underestimating the difficulty of the questions contained within.

This is the main reason why it is vital for you to study and prepare as much as you can such as looking up a study guide for it or by practicing with a free ACCUPLACER practice test.

If you only have a week or so left before your ACCUPLACER exam because you either only found out about it or because you’ve been putting it off until the last moment, you shouldn’t be too worried because, like other tests out there, this is something that you can prepare for adequately.

Let’s take a look at a number of things that you can do to prepare for the ACCUPLACER with only a week or so.

  1. Take a free practice test

Before anything else, it is a good idea to know what are your strengths and weaknesses in the ACCUPLACER assessment.

You can do this by looking up a free online practice test so that you can have a first-hand account of what to expect when it comes to the subject matter contained within the exam itself.

Based on the results, you’ll be able to see if you need improvement in the reading, writing, maths, or any combination of them.

This means that if you’re confident in your reading and written comprehension skills, you can focus on the arithmetic, quantitative reasoning, or algebra sections if those are the subjects that you are having troubles with.

  1. Gather your books and try to solve the questions that you got wrong

When it comes to preparing for the ACCUPLACER test, nothing will beat the act of getting as much practice as you can with the topics and subtopics involved in the exam.

Since it is very likely that most of the subjects in the exam are those recently covered or discussed in your high school days, you will only need a bit of a refresher on how to answer them, especially when it comes to the math tests.

So if you still have your math books, you can gain access to questions that are likely to appear in the exam without having to spend a dime.

By taking the ones that you weren’t able to answer before, you can create your very own ACCUPLACER practice test without having to pay a dime!

3. Make a study group and ask your teachers for help if you can

On the off chance that you are going to the same college or university with your high school friends, it will be a good idea to get together and study for the exam at the same time.

This is because some of your friends may understand questions that you cannot solve and vice versa, allowing you to share your tips and tricks with each other without having to worry about your teacher chewing you out in the classroom during test days.

Alternatively, you can try to ask your teachers for a favor to check your work or even make a mock practice test for your study group to answer and analyze before asking for pointers on how to tackle the ACCUPLACER test.

Of course, don’t forget to say thanks and be sure to give a small token of gratitude of sorts for going out of their way to help you, even if it’s not their job to do so after school hours.

4. Consider taking advantage of online resources

Even if they wanted to, it is likely that your teachers may not be able to help you with preparing for the ACCUPLACER exam due to personal commitments or because they do not have the time to do so on top of the workload that they have to do.

So, if you really need to get as much practice but don’t have the time to gather up questions, with correct answers and explanations, mind you, then it may be a good idea to look up an online ACCUPLACER practice test and study guide.

These resources are not only designed to have all the topics covered in the actual exam but also contain in-depth explanations on how to solve each subject, allowing you to increase your chances of getting a good score.

Furthermore, some of these study guides also offer pointers on how to tackle the Writeplacer, also known as the essay writing test of the ACCUPLACER exam effectively.


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