How to Prepare for Blepharoplasty Surgery

Droopy eyelids and sagging are common signs of aging. They leave an unpleasant sight due to loss of volume and weakening of the muscles. Furthermore, it will lead to excess fat deposits below the eyelids, which eventually drop to form a baggy appearance.

Blepharoplasty surgery helps to repair these types of eye conditions. It involves the removal of excess skin, muscle, and fat. The sagging skin in the eye makes your face look older and also reduces your peripheral vision significantly. In addition, the upper and outer parts of your field of vision get obscured by the sagging skin and the excess fat.

The vision problems brought about by the condition make blepharoplasty surgery the right pick for you. It offers you other benefits such as younger-looking eyes with a well-rested and refreshed face. You will also enjoy an improved vision that will last. Here, you will find some necessary steps to prepare you for the procedure.

Preparation for Blepharoplasty Surgery

The preparation process is an essential part of the surgery to ensure effective results. The surgery should have the desired outcomes as required by the patient. Therefore, all this preparation will be a step forward to realize these results.

The facts to note when preparing are:

  • Consultation with your eyedoctor is mandatory before you start the operation.
  • You will require physical and general examinations
  • Eye tests are necessary
  • The surgery is mainly for aesthetic purposes and few cases for health reasons.
  • Always ensure you are hydrated before and after the surgery for effective results.

An eye specialist or a plastic surgeon will offer insightinto all the procedures involved in the surgery. This step consists of discussing essential facts such as the importance of the surgery to the patient and any alternatives. Also, the doctor must offer realistic expectations to the patient and achieve their desired goals with the operation.

The doctor will then evaluate the medical history of the patient. The general health is vital to note dry eyes, glaucoma, circulation problems, allergies, diabetes, among other conditions that affect the eyes. Any doubts that arise with these conditions are corrected with appropriate tests and medicines. It would be best also to offerinformation about any medication, supplements, smoking history, and alcohol consumption.

Your expectation is also part of the preparation process. Most patients need the surgery for aesthetic values, with few cases being health needs. Your expectation may differ from others. It will help the doctor to develop a unique procedure that will ensure you get the desired results. The surgeons will help clarify the points needed and offer real imagination of the prospective outcomes of the surgery. You may ask anything you need to know at this session.

What You Need To Do

Apart from consultation, there are various activities you will need to do as a patient. They are:

  • Smoking: it retards the healingprocess after the surgery. Therefore, all patients who undergo blepharoplasty surgery should quit smoking for about two weeks before and after the surgery. It will boost the healingprocess and ensure the surgery is perfect.
  • Intake of alcohol: alcohol dehydrates the body. The eyes must remain watery all the time before and after the surgery. It is also prudent to quitdrinkingalcohol a week before and after the process to let your eyes have the maximum amount of hydration.

The surgeon must carry out an eye examination to test if your eyes are ready for the process. Then, they take several photos to help in designing the correct procedure that suits your eyes. The images also assist in developing probabilities for the surgery.

  • Medication: if you are taking any medication that causes bleeding, it is crucial to quit about a week before the surgery. Eyes have various blood vessels that may lead to huge losses of blood.
  • Use of supplements: doctors recommend that patients stop taking any vitamin E herbal supplements during and after the surgery to boost healing.
  • Lenses: the eyes need time to adjust after the surgery. It is vital to keep off wearing any contact lens for about a week before and after the process.

Good preparationbefore eyelid surgery is intended to prepare you for the surgery day and avoid any side effects after the process. Blepharoplasty surgery is delicate even with its safe and high success rate from the top plastic surgery clinic. Therefore, it is essential to pick the best and certified plastic surgeons who have years of experience performing the procedure.

Ask about the success rate of the surgery and the photos you need to see. The clinic will provide you with various successful eyelid surgery photos from former clients to help you have realistic expectations with the process. The process is generally safe with complications like bleeding, infection, scarring, asymmetry, ptosis, and other typical complications with surgery. You will avoid these potential risks when you follow these preparation tips and consult our surgeons.