How to Prepare for a Work Meeting? The Steps to Follow

The success of a work meeting is built from its preparation. Indeed, a poorly defined objective, an incomplete choice of participants, faulty plans … can seriously affect the effectiveness of collective work. Discover the main steps to efficiently prepare your group meetings. 

Define the objective of the meeting

At this point, here is a question to ask yourself: “What should the meeting lead to? An action plan? Decisions?” You are thus able to better assess the resources to call upon to work on the subject. For example, the analysis of dysfunction is carried out with experts. But if the objective is to decide immediately, the group should include one or more decision-makers. These people are not necessarily specialists in the matter.

Choose the right type of meeting

Meeting for problem-solving, creativity (generating ideas with the brainstorming method), service … or simply information, the type chosen follows of course from the objective set at the start. You do not approach in the same way a meeting whose goal is to communicate with your teams with another whose goal is to achieve a collective production. The style of animation to be implemented also depends on the nature of the subject dealt with and the reason for the working meeting. In some cases, this may be a remote video conference meeting.

Select participants

“Who can help achieve the goal? Who can be an obstacle?” Asking yourself these questions makes it easier to know who to invite. You will thus obtain a complete team in phase with the objectives and the subject. Define an optimal number of participants for discussions and effective decision-making. With a controlled speaking time, the meeting will be even more productive.

Define the plan

Organize the flow of exchanges and communications. The different phases of the work meeting and the subjects discussed, the workshops if necessary … all recorded in an agenda by placing the priority subjects in the first part of the agenda.

Associate working times for each phase. This will prevent overflows from one subject to the detriment of another. Strategist and tactician in the first stages, you are then the organizer.

Schedule the meeting

Ensure the availability of all participants for the choice of date and time slot. Then send the invitations to participants (or invitations) for official confirmation. If possible, schedule the meeting for a time that makes it easier for everyone to focus and fully invest.

Prepare working documents and other material points

Identify necessary documents, product samples, etc. Develop the presentation in pdf with the help of a pdf file editor. The famous editor on which people spent very little time and create effective presentations!! 

Prepare the logistics (reservation of the meeting room, whiteboard, flipchart, overhead projectors,.). It is always disturbing to waste time when the time comes by compensating for a lack of material. You must always write the agenda.