How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

If you’ve applied for virtual jobs, then it makes sense that you’ll have virtual interviews. 


Unless it’s a local virtual job you’re applying for, chances are the interview will be online. 


Most employers who are hiring a virtual employee don’t expect you to fly there for an interview. And if they do, make sure they’re the ones who pay for your travel fares! 


It’s exciting to have an interview, but meeting someone virtually is different. You must consider things such as whether your computer equipment will work. 


Before you let a virtual interview make you nervous, check out these tips on how to prepare. 


That way, by the time your virtual interview arrives, you’ll be more than ready to handle it!


1. Have a Functioning Webcam


Not all computers have built-in webcams. If you haven’t used your webcam in a while, find out how it works on your computer.


If it’s not built-in, you may need to buy one. And if you must get one, make sure it arrives in plenty of time before the interview. 


You should get it well before the interview because you need to set it up properly. 


Consider having a virtual get together with a friend to test it out and adjust it to your liking. There is also a free webcam checker online. 


Do either of these, and you won’t have to worry about setting up equipment last minute! 


2. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Stable


Is there an area in your apartment where the internet isn’t that great? If so, you must figure out where the best wi-fi connection is.


If you can’t find the right spot, that’s a sure sign you need to call your internet provider ASAP! You don’t want the internet to get spotty and kick you out during an interview. 


Imagine answering a question when all a sudden, you’re talking to yourself! 


Assuming you find a space where your internet has the best connection, get everything set up. That means your wireless internet should be stable, and your equipment works.


Having everything ready to go will ensure you won’t run into any issues during the interview.


3. Focus on Your Posture


Since potential employers are only going to see you from the waist up, focus on having good posture.


Slouching gives the impression that you’re not taking the interview seriously. That’s why it’s essential to keep your spine straight and focus on your posture. 


You can improve your posture by doing the following: 


  • Keep your feet flat or put them on a footrest
  • Don’t cross your knees or ankles
  • Ensure there’s a big enough gap between the back of your knees and chair
  • Position your knees higher or a little bit lower than your hips


By following these tips, you can perfect your posture. Focus on it now, and your posture will be excellent for future interviews! (Plus, good posture means you’ll be less likely to have back issues down the road.) 


Continue to be confident in your skills by showing off your excellent posture. Sitting up straight is bound to make a good impression on prospective companies.


4. Get Away From Distractions


If you already have a barking co-worker by the name of Fido, make sure he isn’t around during your interview. 


Hearing a dog bark during a virtual interview won’t bode well with interviewers. 


If your dog is prone to bark, you can put him in a different room during your interview. Or, close your blinds if he tends to bark only when he sees other dogs. 


It’s best if you give an interviewer your undivided attention during an interview. 


If your dog barks during the interview, they could assume you’d get distracted if they hired you. 


Do your best to keep your furry pal’s noise to a minimum so you won’t give the wrong impression. 


5. Break Nervous Habits Before the Interview


You probably have a nervous habit you don’t realize, such as picking your nails. Or, you might lick your lips or touch your hair too much. 


If you have a bad nervous habit, it’s best to nip it in the bud before an interview. 


Before an interview, ask yourself what you may do if you get anxious.


If the answer is that you’ll most likely touch your hair, try to break that habit ahead of time. 


An idea that may help is having a pretend interview with a friend or family member. Have them point out to you when you start doing the nervous habit. 


It’d be a good reality check if you didn’t realize how much you were touching your hair! 


When the interview rolls around, you should tackle it without a nervous habit.


6. Connect With the Person Interviewing You


When interviewing in person, it’s essential to make a lasting impression. You can do this by forming a connection with the interviewer.


Well, it’s the same way for a virtual interview. It’s as crucial to form a connection with a potential employer virtually. 


Companies are more likely to remember you if you make a good impression.


So, find a common interest, such as sharing the love over a particular hobby. Or, maybe you both own a pet whom you adore. 


After the interview is over, use the common interest to jog their memory while writing them a thank you email. Who knows, it could help you land the job!


7. Smile a Lot


Since the hiring manager is going to be looking at your face the entire time, make sure it’s a happy one! 


Put your best traits forward and shine during a virtual interview. 


To shine, wear appropriate clothing, and keep your hair out of your face so it won’t detract from your interview.


It’s safe to say that wearing an old sweater and not doing your hair won’t win any potential employees over. 


But being friendly and smiling can go the distance when you’re applying for a virtual job. Since you likely won’t be seeing them in person, smiling helps you go the extra mile and shows them you care.



In Conclusion


So are you ready to ace your virtual interviews? Even if you’re used to in-person meetings, after going through a few online, you’ll be a pro in no time. 


Keep in mind that even if you prepare beforehand, things might still go wrong. If something goes amiss, that’s okay. It’ll only help you learn and grow! 


You can only try your best by getting ready to interview ahead of time. 


With these tips, there’s a good chance you’ll excel at your virtual interviews. 


So start smiling and work on your posture. You’re going to do just fine!

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Broadstone Reveal. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Broadstone Reveal a place everyone loves to call home.