How To Prepare For A SSC CGL Examination?

SSC CGL is very popular and important for graduates in India as one of today’s most prestigious career options is the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). The 2019 SSC CGL is not too hard to crack, but it requires a lot of training and organized planning.


The successful candidate list is available only to hundreds of lakhs. The first step, therefore, to begin preparing the SSC CGL, is to select the required SSC CGL study material and to select the correct SSC CGL books.


The SSC CGL Exam is administered every year by the SSC Selection Commission (SSC) to pick personnel of respectable governments. The experiment is conducted in four stages-


  • Tier 1 (Preliminary Exam)


  •  Tier 2 (Mains)


  •  Tier 3 (Descriptive)


  •  Tier 4 (DEST/CPT)


Student lakhs try their luck at this examination, which is why the competition level for this exam is very high and only by hard work and intelligent SSC CGL training can success be achieved. Here we can provide the entire SSC CGL Exam Preparation Strategy, so that the SSC CGL Exam is able to deliver the best possible results.


How to Prepare For SSC CGL?


As you start preparing for the SSC CGL Exam, you may have few questions such as how to break the SSC CGL Exam without SSC CGL Coaching or your own study? And what tips would help you properly plan your study?


 All questions you have with Eduncle will provide answers. Here are all SSC CGL Books for SSC CGL for help and guidance in preparation for SSC CGL 2019.


 The most important thing is to fully understand the criteria, curriculum and examination pattern for SSC CGL eligibility.


Below we provide you with all information regarding the SSC CGL 2019, SSC CGL 2019 and the CGL 2019 Syllabus. Click below. So that you can rely on what all posts are for, what topics you need to prepare for the exam, and how you can manage to try the issue within the time.




 Firstly, you can study the papers in your previous year so that you can handle the time effectively by first attempting to answer simple questions, as you are aware of the exact test pattern. The SSC CGL Previous Papers for better preparation of SSC CGL have been presented here.


The sets of Mock Tests should also be conducted 1-2 months before the exam, as they help to increase confidence for the SSC and speed tests as well.


The most important and difficult section of the SSC CGL Exam is general awareness for SSC CGL. To get better control over GK for SSC CGL, you should be aware of all topics such as history, geography, civics, science, current affairs, etc.


How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 1 2019?


CGL Tier 1 SSC examination is the most important phase in the CGL SSC examination because it is necessary for clearing Tier 1 to reach phase CGL Tier 2 SSC examination.


 In the final list of marks, the marks obtained in this point are taken into account. Through books, question papers provided by Eduncle, candidates should intelligently prepare for SSC CGL English.


 In order to test the English language and correct use of grammar in the SSC CGL English that is presented in the document.


 Since this section takes up some space, you can save time by practicing other chapters, such as SSC CGL Math, Reasoning and Information.


Are Three Months Enough For SSC CGL Tier 1 Preparation?


Indeed, three months is enough time to prepare provided the SSC CGL Tier 1 syllabus & paper template. You may set up a Tier 1 planning schedule / study plan. It will definitely help you to follow the SSC CGL study plan and do not skip the lessons.


 How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 2019?


Candidates were invited to take the SSC CGL Tier 1 test for the SSC CGL Tier 2 examination. This stage is not so simple as the Tier 1 examination because the difficulty level of the questions for the Maths, Reasoning, GK, and English exams is comparatively tolerable.




The SSC CGL preparation from Eduncle can be supported. The previous year, our question documents and mock testing will help you with English, maths, reasoning skill and general awareness in SSC CGL Tier 1 and SSC CGL Tier 2.


How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 3 2019 (Descriptive Paper)?


Tier 3–100 Mark descriptive paper is the third phase of the SSC CGL examination. Since it is a concise document in which candidates ‘ written abilities are tested, the style test is’ pen and paper ‘.


As a way to answer your questions you can choose Hindi or English. You must compose, as requested during the review, an essay, specific letter, application etc.


You should read a newspaper for better preparation and write daily at least 400-500 pages. When you start writing. You can opt SSC CGL Coaching in Hyderabad.