How to Prepare a Runway for Your Next Fashion Exhibition

Runways are usually the centerpiece of every fashion exhibition. In most cases, you want to plan everything before the big day carefully. You want to ensure that the event not only goes smoothly but that the main objective of that particular hosting is achieved.

Preparing for a fashion exhibition runway takes a lot of time and energy. You need to have everything ready weeks prior to the event. If you are looking to host or have been accorded the responsibility to prepare a fashion show exhibition runway,

Here is how you can achieve this with minimal sweat. Enjoy!

1.Know the theme


Every event is run with a particular theme in mind. This is both helpful for the hosts and sponsors of the event. Be sure to research the chosen theme carefully. If none has been selected,  carefully go through previous exhibition themes. They help you learn a thing or two about what you are about to prepare for. Essentially they will guide you on what to expect and how to go about everything.

2.Choose a suitable venue

The necessity of a venue is undeniably huge. The place and locations where the exhibition will be held determine how the entire setup will be and the extent of your guest list. Here, you want to choose a venue that is neither too big for the show nor too small to accommodate your guests, especially the event sponsors and their representatives and companies.

3.Choose the location of the runway

The positioning of the set up of the runway determines how the entire setup will be and look. At your chosen venue, understand the architecture(If it’s a building) or the topography (if it’s a garden), then decide where the set-up will be.

It should be in a view that will be easy for everyone to see the models without straining. If it’s a garden, the ground should not be too damp to set up the structures for the runway. This is because if the soil is too damp, the structures will be hard to set up. So will the sitting area, messing the entire show.

4.Get the needed equipment and team

It is crucial to note that being given the duty to prepare the runway does not mean doing all the heavy lifting. Get a team ready, preferably a professional one, to follow through with your instructions and set up the runway as you desire it to be.

You should, however, ensure that you are there to oversee everything and any changes necessary are coordinated well and followed through.

5.Install stage backdrops

Backdrops are meant to make the stage more lively. They are also used to display the name of the event, in most cases, the host and organizers. You can invest in led screens or events. They have been widely used in events and have shown remarkable performance.

They set a high ambiance on the stage, making the whole event classy. They are also cost-friendly since they allow different displays of otherwise would have been printed adverts such as the sponsors’ lists and the company supporters.

You can also use the screen to categorically change the themes as the models pass by, showcasing different wears.

6.Have great stage lighting

Good lighting makes everything better. Set up different lighting spots to shine through the runways to allow people to better view the center of the event, the exhibition. With so much professional advice on lighting a runway, ensure that you choose the best that suits your theme.

Be sure to also get lights along the runway. It’ll help to make your runway more defined. It also helps the model to see clearly as they step forward.

7.Make the runway walkable

This is quite essential. When you prepare the runway, keep in mind that the model exhibition will be easier if the runway floor is walkable. Majorly, ensure that the floor is not slippery and that it’s easy to walk in heels. Having such a setting will ensure that models will not be slipping and falling as they walk.

Doing so makes the exhibition flawless since no one will wonder why the floors were not tested before the event.

8.Ensure convenience of your runway

The major goal of the exhibition is to showcase brands or collections. As said earlier, do not choose a venue that is too small. It’ll make it harder for you to prepare a runway that models will not knock each other as they pass.

You may also want to consider having two-point, one for entering and exiting the stage. It makes the work easier for the models to have enough time to fully showcase their wears and change to another instead of worrying about squeezing their way in and out of the stage through the same point.


Preparing a suitable and exquisite runway is quite a hustle. Simply make your budget right and have a plan to follow through. Do not forget to work with a team to accomplish the desired final goal of your runway. Follow the list and good luck!