How to Prepare a Course for High School Math Using Online Platform

Many schools require an exit exam in math for high school students. This case is particularly true in the United States. High school students are often not ready for the exam, through their overall mathematics capabilities may not be bad. This is why I recommend the creation of a course for the preparation for the math exit exam.


The first issue that faces this course is the choice of a reference textbook. The syllabus is scattered on different topics, and the teacher would have to choose several books for the time. However, This content, Specially dedicated to how to learn school math in Thailand students, where you can get lots of high schools math courses easily using their online platform.


This would be overwhelming to the students. This is why the teacher has to create his notes. The notes should cover all the topics required for the math exit exam. The syllabus varies from school to school, and the teacher has to check with the particular school at the question. The good idea is to create the notes for the general syllabus and make little changes afterward to fit the school at the problem.


The first chapter should be about number science, i.e., fraction, roots, decimal, percentage, scientific notations, and exponents. Students should be made to understand that fractions and rates are a vital part of our every day lives. They enter in many decisions dealing with time, money, and work. The notes should include laboratory experiments that allow the students to experiment with fractions and percentages. For example, the teachers should ask the students to divide an even number by two. Then they can ask them to divide an odd number by two. 


The students should repeat the experiment but divide it by three this time. The students should try to use the calculator to divide one by three. The students should guess why the calculator could never give a precise answer for this calculation. The students should be given a fraction and asked to get the percentage from that. They should learn how fractions and percentages are related. In exponents, students should understand what the base is and what the power is. They should use the calculator to raise a number to a certain energy, and then they should be asked how many times they should divide the result by the base to produce a one.


Next, the notes should include an algebra chapter. Students should understand linear equations and how to plot them. They should understand the concept of dependent and independent variables. They should be able to solve linear equations. This chapter should include laboratory experiments that use calculators to teach the linear equations concepts. For example, the students should be given a linear equation and asked to experiment with different input values and plot their corresponding graphs on the calculator. Then the students should be asked how to make the map go uphill, make it go downhill, drive-in steeper, make it less steep, and finally, make it shift upwards and make it turn downwards.


The next chapter should be about geometry and measurements. This chapter should cover unit conversions and scale, the concepts of objects like area, volume, and parameter, and the Pythagorean Theorem. The students should be allowed to use the calculator in solving problems related to this chapter.


The last chapter should be about probability and statistics. It should cover the topic of data analyses using graphs, mean, median, and mode. They should be confronted with laboratory experiments that require the plot of maps. Each chapter should contain many examples classified. Each group of models should target a particular problem idea or a specific technique. The students should be given an exam at the end of every chapter. The students who do not perform satisfactorily on the exam should be given extra work that targets their deficiency areas.


Before the end of the term, the class should be given a trial exam. The course should be classified according to the exam results, a group that did well, a group that did bad, and a group that has a deficiency in particular areas but did well in the rest. Each group has to be handled concerning its specific case. By the way, If you are a real finder, that’s how to High School Math Learning using an online platform, this one of the best options for you. Especially this is one of the most famous and favorite High school math learning online platform. So if you get more info, you can visit the place where you can easily get using the internet. Good Luck!