How to practice table tennis by yourself at home

There are really a few different ways that you can play table tennis alone, and you will actually want to enormously sharpen your abilities in the game, regardless of whether you don’t have anybody to play against.

This issue causes you to have butterflies in your stomach when you can’t locate any appropriate strategies for yourself? In case you’re perusing this article, the issue is settled!

1. Practice alone with Playback position 

This is a generally straightforward strategy that encourages you in controlling the power and the bearing of the ball. 

You need to part the ping pong table into two pieces. At that point, overlay up one of them and spot it close to the next. The recently raised table piece functions as a boundary so the ball can turn back to you.

Another choice is to utilize the playback position on your table tennis table. This essentially implies that you overlap up portion of the table, making a divider to hit the ball against. While this isn’t the ideal method to rehearse table tennis, it will assist you with culminating your serve. The lone thing is, you will not have any twists coming at you, so you can’t work on returning twist shots. 

Then again, you can get a great deal of good turn shot practice yourself, since you will actually want to perceive what each kind of shot manages without being in a game where you can’t actually focus on building your abilities.

Tips: Remember to apply the correct assault power on the grounds that too little force will not have the option to make the ball ricochet back towards you.

2. Practice With A Mirror 

This is a preparation technique without utilizing the ball. Be that as it may, to have the option to apply this technique, you need to set yourself up in a mirror. 

There are no prerequisites for the mirror’s size or shape. Nonetheless, make sure to pick a mirror that is sufficiently enormous to have the option to notice each and every difference in the stance in the most ideal way and try not to darken the view. 

This technique is very to apply, you simply need to follow this guide: 

To begin with, get your oar, and you can begin by setting the mirror before you. At that point, move the mirror to one side or right, so you can check your stance and strategy from numerous sides to guarantee that you’re progressing admirably. 

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have any mirrors, utilize your camera, telephone, or tablet to record your training cycle so you can watch them later, so you can discover improving focuses to upgrade. 

Tips: If you have more than one mirror, you can put them on various sides to check every one of your developments without moving them.

3. Practice your serve

One of the fundamental methods of playing table tennis is the serve. Clearly, this’ a fundamental method that you shouldn’t disregard, or as such, you need to dominate if your craving is playing ping pong ably. 

Serving is the second wherein you’re ready to thoroughly control the heading, the speed, and the stature of the ball. What’s more, obviously, you can put your adversary off guard thusly 

The objective of fledglings is to score numerous focuses during the opposition. In any case, a decent serve can help you score in the initial couple of moments! 

You can serve the ball in your manner, yet all control should be under “ITTF guidelines and guidelines”, which will be clarified as underneath. 


The principal rule prior to serving is keeping the ball in the palm of your hand over the table, a position where everybody can notice them. 

Exact control of the hand prior to beginning your serve is that you need to completely expand your palm, close your fingers, the thumb stretching out 90 degrees contrasted with different fingers. Especially, make sure to put the ball in the focal point of the level palm. 

Likewise, if it’s your chance to serve the ball, you should stop for a couple of moments to balance it out in your grasp just as you get your stance right. It is unlawful to get the ball and hit it right away. 

Practice To Serve 

To start with, there’s no prerequisite of distance from the table to the hand holding the ball, yet the ball should be tossed at the stature of in any event 6 crawls before the player serves. 

Likewise, attempt to toss the ball a vertical way, pitching with a deviation may not be acknowledged in rivalries. 

Next is hitting the ball. It would be right if the ball skips on your side first prior to bobbing to the rival’s side. This method requires power control just as the course of hold. So it might be ideal in the event that you rehearsed a great deal to get the most exact serve. 


You ought to notice the ball prior to serving to ensure that you can handle the ball course.

Furthermore, attempt to loosen up your shoulders, wrists, and so on and pick the stance that causes you to feel generally good and simple to move. 

To wrap things up, don’t endeavor to have pleasant shots unexpectedly. All things being equal, put your brain and focus on acquainting yourself with the methods and improve them by rehearsing to an ever increasing extent.

4. Practice With Ping Pong Robot 

The three techniques above are clear to such an extent that we all can apply. Be that as it may, they actually convey certain weaknesses, and the most clear is the communication among you and rivals. 

In this way, a more effective and ideal approach to rehearse table tennis alone is to play with a ping pong robot. 

For what reason Should You Purchase A Robot? 

To begin with, rehearsing with a ping pong robot will make you more adaptable. Not at all like when the ball ricochets back toward you in the Playback Position technique, robots will serve you from various headings and with various velocities that you will experience issues in controlling the appearance of the ball. 

Subsequently, you need to rehearse more, change a great deal of positions just as you attempt to perk up and dexterously. 

Then, you can attempt to encounter hazardous controls and methods with table tennis ball machines. Since you can build the trouble of your instructional meeting by setting velocity and serve modes, variable headings and rates will “give you a hand” to rehearse more confounded strategies from low to high. 

Likewise, a ping pong robot encourages you to address your stances and moves. What’s more, you will actually want to perceive which grasp is the most agreeable, which standing positions are simpler to move, and so on after a period you practice with robots. 

How Might You Choose A Ping Pong Robot? 

To have the option to rehearse, the primary thing you need to do is to buy yourself a great ping pong robot

These days, while a few robots just have essential highlights like serve, others are customized to recollect your speed and playing style. From that point forward, they will set up the activity program that is best for you. 

Accordingly, you can consider picking a robot dependent on numerous components, for example, highlights, value, size, and so on. Or on the other hand you can allude to the best ping pong robots for rehearsing for more helpful data.

Don’t forget, choose the standard ping pong balls for practice. It does not have to be that the high-end table tennis balls meet the competition standards

5. Watching others or watching video 

Something last you can never really improve your game when you don’t have anybody to rehearse with is to watch others playing table tennis. There are numerous sites given to table tennis that offer recordings you can watch. Perceiving how the top players do it is a magnificent method to improve your own strategies and give you thoughts. 

There are likewise heaps of incredible recordings on YouTube you can watch. Notwithstanding watching the best players, you can likewise discover a wide range of training recordings that will assist you with learning strategies and right any errors you might be making. 

You viewed it as too hard to even consider understanding rules and practice yourself? Perhaps the most straightforward way is watching the video. 

Watching the recorded presentation of the table tennis stars are similarly as incredible a learning methodology as going to a genuine course. You can duplicate a couple of stunts of theirs and put them to your own game. Additionally, watching video likewise permits you to rewind a few times to comprehend and get to the primary concerns. 

Where Can You Find Ping Pong Videos? 

You will actually want to locate countless recordings by composing the catchphrases in the google search bar, for example, “how to work on ping pong without anyone else”, “how to work on ping pong alone”, “practice table tennis”, and so forth 

Other than posting directing articles, ping pong sites or gatherings are stacked with significant recordings so novices can rehearse all the more proficiently. 

Remarkably, the most well known stage we as a whole know is Youtube. On this site, you can helpfully discover guidance recordings for any methods or moves you want! 

Notwithstanding picking the correct watchwords, finding the correct video to watch is likewise vital on the grounds that these days, anybody can transfer their recordings to the Internet. So what you need to do to pick quality recordings with the correct procedure by picking those with high perspectives or those created by checked Youtubers. 

How Might You Practice With Video? 

Set yourself up a mirror so you can undoubtedly change your stances and strategies. Furthermore, the training interaction is like the Shadow Play strategy. 

The subsequent stage is choosing a video and noticing it. You can change the playback speed to 0.75x for simpler noticing. Subsequent to understanding the control and the guidelines, have a go at presenting in the right stance at that point practice. 


Other than watching the video, you ought to likewise investigate the fundamental data to comprehend the specialized standards obviously. 

In addition, you can choose to watch a wide range of recordings to watch the stances from different sides or instructional exercise recordings of just one is too difficult to even consider finding.

Final words

We trust that you can without much of a stretch apply our suggestions and rules to rehearse just as upgrade your table tennis abilities. 

Generally speaking, Compared to the remainder of the strategies, rehearsing with a ping pong robot is the best option to improve your techniques

Try hard to reach your goals!