How to pose for wedding photos

Even when you are dressed to kill for your big day, the skill and experience of the weddings photographer that you use could be the difference between amazing photos and bad-looking ones. You should work with your photographer to ensure that the best, most emotive scenes are photographed.

Here are simple tips that can help you pose for wedding photos.

1. Figure out your best side

The top supermodels that you see globally don’t have the perfectly symmetrical faces. This may also be the case with you. It may be that one side of your face photographs better than the other, and if you don’t know yet which side this is, you should try figure to it out. Start angling your face to the right, then to the left. Tilt your head down, then up. Grab a friend and ask them to take several photos of you from different angles. Study the results carefully and you will discover which of your sides is the most flattering. Let your professional weddings photographers know which side it is so that they can focus on that side.

2. Position your arms properly

If you are having a wedding in the summer, there are chances that your spouse and you will be in sleeveless attire. So you will find it natural to have your arms close to your sides to hide the underarm jiggle that is associated with it. The problem with that pose is that it squishes your arms, making them look bigger than they are. Learn to hold your arms slightly to the outer side while standing up straight. Try to square your shoulders a little bit. The results that you will get are amazing.

3. Add in some props

While rings and flowers are fantastic wedding photography choices, there are lots of other choices too. If you are arriving in a fancy limousine, you can have it included at the back of your photos. Look at your best men and ladies and figure out what stands out among them. You may also include o of the groom wearing a cufflink or adjusting his Bowie.

4. Have a natural smile

Your wedding is your big day, and it should be the happiest day in your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you can keep wearing a smile the entire day. Just let it come out naturally. Try conserving your best smile for the camera because a wedding photoshoot could take hours. Between shots, you should try to close your eye and let your lips fall back to their place. This will help you relax. Resist the urge to smile broadly since this could cause your eyes to squint which isn’t that flattering.

5. Have some little fun

Yes, it’s your big day and tension will always mount. However, remember that it’s your time to have a blast. Don’t stress about getting the perfect pictures, since your wedding photography in Ireland experts know what they are doing? They will use their skills and experience to take the best photos.

Jennifer Alex

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