How to port your health insurance plan? Step by Step Guide

Health insurance portability is very common in India. Every year, many people get their mediclaim portability done. This is primarily because the policyholders are unhappy with the services, pricing, and attitude of their current health insurance providers. If you too are sailing in the same ship, consider changing your health plan. It is very easy to switch the policy from one insurer to the other. Read on to know more. 

How to port health insurance policy?

If you wish to port health insurance policy, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Compare

Unless you are careful when you port health insurance, you will end up with another unsatisfactory health cover! This is why you need to do some research before you opt for health insurance portability. Look at the available options, compare the features and quotes and then make a suitable choice.

  1. Intimate the existing health insurance company – 

Can we port mediclaim policy? The answer is an obvious yes, but for that, some formalities need to be completed. First and foremost, you need to inform the current health insurance provider from whom you have a cover. Tell them you wish to discontinue the policy at the end of the present policy term. You need to send a written application for the termination of the plan.

  1. Intimate the new insurance company

The next crucial step is for you to submit a request letter for mediclaim policy to the new insurer. After you compare and locate the insurer of choice, tell them you wish to port. This must be done at least 45 days in advance from when you wish to port. The new insurer will contact the existing insurer to understand your health and claims profile. The new insurer may advise you to undergo a pre-policy health screening as well. After assessing the results, you will be given a new quote. If the insurer is satisfied with your profile and you are happy with the quote received, the health insurance porting will happen within 15 days after you receive the quote and pay the premium. If the insurance provider fails to respond within 15 days of receiving your request, they would be bound to give you the health cover you asked for.

  1. Undergo the formalities

After approval, all you have to do is fill in the mediclaim application form with your personal details and nominee details. Then you have to pay the premium and the policy will be ported in a short while. 

How to port medical insurance policy? Well, it can be done by just following the procedures mentioned above! But keep important points about health insurance in your mind before porting on any other coverage. 

In a nutshell

Porting of health insurance is a simple process. If you are not satisfied with your existing cover, you must definitely opt for mediclaim policy portability. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind, be systematic and your policy porting will be done in a smooth and easy manner. Now you know how to port health insurance, so don’t hold back