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Cricket is a game that needs to bat, bowl, and field physical agility. Two 11-player teams

each play at one time. The ICC has designed a set of rules for the game. This is the same for both

male and female players. The game starts with all team captains and match referee gathering for

tossing. The captain winning the toss is allowed to first choose to bat / field. Across all

platforms, this procedure is the same. Umpires, as they track the proceedings, have a central role

in the game. They determine if the batsman is out, determine on no-ball, wide, and make sure

that the rules are played by both teams. We can understand a few rules of the game and how a

cricket match is played. The cricket game starts with the "Let's play!" signal from the on-field

umpire. Rules can also be understood by watching online cricket, cricket tournaments. Also by

playing online cricket games.


All the cricket lovers with cricket fever let’s understand some of the basic and important

rules of cricket:


  1. Positions are taken by two batsmen from the batting side and 11 players from the fielding

side. They are joined on the field by two umpires, too. One is on the pitch, the other on

the side of the knee. 

  1. Suppose A and B are two teams playing a cricket match that is limited over. Captain A

wins the toss and chooses first to bat. 

  1. The game starts with a B-team bowler bowling to the first A-team batsman. Generally,

they are referred to as opening-bowler and opening-batsman. The first two batsmen are

called openers as they begin their team's innings. 

  1. The batsmen hit the balls bowled at them, rushing to score. Fielders aim to avoid and also

catch the balls that have been struck to get the batsmen out. 

  1. To call it an over, every bowler bowls 6 legal deliveries. 


  1. After each over, the bowling and batting ends adjust. The non-striker becomes the striker

of the next over at the end of each over. 

  1. Upon completion of each over, the wicket-keeper has to change ends. In general, when a

fast bowler is bowling, the keeper stands far from stumps, and when a spinner is in

action, closer to stumps. 

  1. He has to walk out of the field if a batsman is out and a new batsman comes to the crease.

If all the batsmen of team A are out or team B has bowled their maximum quota of overs,

an innings is considered complete. 

  1. Now, in the second innings, Team B comes on to bat to chase the target set by Team A. 
  2. If they reach the other goal, Team B is awarded as victors, A is victorious. 
  3. At the end of the match, if the scores are level, then it is considered a draw. 
  4. To prevent any mistakes, manual and electronic scoring is done during the match. 
  5. The ranking is carried out on a cumulative basis. All the bat-scored runs, extra runs such

as no-ball, wide, etc. are added to the total of the team. 

  1. In certain situations, it is difficult for on-field umpires to give few decisions such as

boundary, out, no-ball, etc. They are, therefore, finding the aid of another umpire, the

third-umpire. The third-umpire looks and gives a final decision on video visuals. 


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Cricket Tips for Beginners


Cricket is a game which is one of the most favourite and followed game. Cricket leagues and

cricket tournaments are carried out in various countries. People have a keen interest in reading

cricket news and watching online cricket too. Every best cricketer was once a great cricket lover

and must have followed cricket from childhood. So here I am to provide some of the best cricket

tips for the beginners. Beginners may face a lot of difficulties in the beginning while playing

cricket, so these few cricket tips may help those beginners a lot.


Selection of the correct and proper bat: We have an utterly huge selection of cricket bats at

our disposal. As younger players, the bat option is extremely important because due to the rise in

weight, you do not have the power to be able to use an adult bat properly. Having the correct

cricket bat will help increase the speed at which a shot can be played, and thus help increase your

power as well. No one wants to use a bat that's far too heavy while you are bowling with a fast

bowler! Even when facing a spinner, to play the right shots, we want to be able to maneuver the

bat quickly. Online cricket can be watched for more information.


Always explore the techniques that work for you: In the early stages of your career, if you are

a batsman, you can focus less on advanced technical aspects such as trigger movements and

concentrate more on fundamentals such as having a good position and grip from which to build

your game. As long as you don't develop any surprisingly bad habits, as you become more

experienced, minor technical problems can be ironed out by practice. At the beginning of your

career, your coaches should help you stay away from these bad habits. 


You should have a grip at your bat: Simply follow these steps to use the V-grip for yourself: 


  1. With the handle pointing towards you, put the bat face down on the concrete. 
  2. Bring your hands together. 
  3. If you are a left-hander, then your left hand should be above your right hand instead. 


 I would highly suggest using a neutral grip, as this is just a guide, as it gives you the most

versatility, but everyone is different! You've got to do what feels most natural for you at the end

of the day. 


Easeful and comfortable stances should be adopted: As we wait for the bowler to run in and

deliver the ball, the stance is the place we are in. At this point, putting yourself in a good position

allows you to set up well to play a variety of shots while avoiding putting too much stress on

certain body parts. 


Straight ball playing should be learned: You can also find that most of the strokes they play

are cross-batted shots, with very young players who are just beginning to play the game, rather

than concentrating on being technically right and attempting to play the ball back down the

ground past the bowler. You would have to get familiar with what is often referred to as 'scoring

in the V' and playing a shot called 'the run' to really make progress in the cricket game. 


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