How to play Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World and download it on mobile

Avakin Life – Virtual World 3D is a free download game for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones . Similar to Second Life, the game is a real life simulator that also functions as a social platform. Here, users can create a custom avatar, buy and decorate apartments, and interact with thousands of players at online events. In this tutorial, check out the steps to play and download the game.

How to download and play Avakin Life

Step 1. Download Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World from Equine-Design . Select the platform (Android or iOS) and click “Download”;

Step 2. On the Google Play Store page , click “Install” to download. In the App Store , select “Get” to download the game;

Step 3. Start Avakin Life. On the home screen, click “New User”;

Step 4. Choose an avatar template and a username. Appearance and your nickname can be changed later;

Step 5. Once done, select “Home” and then “Let’s go!” to begin;

Step 6. The main screen of Avakin Life shows your character, shortcut menu and game news and events. Before participating in online mode, access the “Profile” menu to customize your avatar;

Step 7. Click on “Edit” to change the gamer profile;

Step 8. Click on the options to change the username, add a hashtag, your mood, music taste, movie style, among other options;

Step 9. The “Friends” menu has options for adding people to your game profile. To do this, click on the “Invite Friends” icon;

Step 10. Invitations can be sent via social network or messaging application ( WhatsApp or Messenger ), via a QR Code, shared Wi-Fi or using your Avakin Life “Friend Code”. To add a user, click “Add Friend Code” ;;

Step 11. Use the “Messages” menu to access Avakin Life messages, receive gifts and / or rewards, or accept invitations from friends;

Step 12. To shop at Avakin Life, open the “Store” menu. Click on the options to explore the categories. Users can buy from pet clothing (Petkins). The objects cost Avacoins, the game’s currency. The rarest items can only be obtained with Gems – this special coin is bought with cash (in reais) or purchased in small amounts on the daily bonus;

Step 13. To visit places with other players online, open the “Travel” menu. Select “Social Locations” to interact with others;

Step 14. Choose a location in the right corner of the screen and click “Enter”;

Step 15. Use the menu to pose, take photos, or leave the map. Public chat is in the right corner of the screen. Enter messages to participate;

Step 16. Every novice Avakin gets a basic furnished apartment. Select “My Apartments” to visit and decorate your new home;

Step 17. In the left corner of the screen, click the chair icon to decorate;

Step 18. Hold and drag objects to add them to the apartment. In the right corner of the screen, use the “Paint” button to add walls and floors;

Step 19. Click on the icon that appears in the image below to change the camera view mode. You can navigate using two buttons (Move and Look) or just by touching the screen. When you are done making changes, click “Save”;

Step 20. To change the look of the avatar (clothes, hair, and accessories) opens the “Style” menu. You can change the look of the character and even buy clothes and other fashion items right there;

Step 21. If you have few Avacoins to spend on clothes and objects, use the Avakin Life building machine. Open the “Build” menu and look for shop items that can be manufactured. Objects are free, but will take some time to build.