How to Play 8 Ball Pool: The Rules

Pool as a game dates back to the 15th century. Popularly known as Pocket Billiards back then, the game of pool was originally played as an outdoor lawn game. It is only in the recent times that the game has transformed into an indoor table game.

While people do generally like to have a separate playroom, or some times a ‘man cave’ in their house, they often get confused as to the type or the size of the pool table. In our opinion, a 7 ft slate pool table or an 8 ft pool table works best. This size neither makes the room look too small by occupying a lot of extra space, nor does it feel too small to play.

Now, once you have decided upon the table, it’s time to play! The game of pool can be played in several ways such as 8- ball pool, 9- ball pool, straight pool, etc.
Here, we’ll discuss the rules of the 8-ball pool game.

Firstly, as in all games of pool, the aim of the player should be to pot the ball of their team (stripe/ solid). Once that’s done, you need to pot the 8 ball to win the game.

How to play 8- Ball Pool?

Even though the rules of the pool game go through several variations, the basic game play remains the same.

Before the game begins, all the object balls are placed on the table (7 ft slate pool table/ 8 ft pool table for indoor play) in a triangular design. The order in which the balls are placed may be random with the exception of the 8 ball. This 8 ball needs to be placed at the center of the stack. The white ball should always be placed behind the service line of the pool table.

To decide which team starts the game, the teams can either discuss about it or decide in some other way. Flipping the coin works best.

Once the decision is made, each team gets turns to make a legal break. In case a player pots the 8 ball while attempting a legal break, they have the option to ask for a re- rack.

The game goes on as players continue to pot the balls of their team. If a player fouls or is unable to pot, the players of the opposite team take over.

Once all the balls of a team have been potted, the players now need to pot the 8 ball. To do this, they need to decide and declare the pocket in which they intend to pot the 8- ball. If they succeed, their team has won. If not, then a player of the opposite team attempts the pot. Now, this player has to try to pot the ball in one of the remaining three pockets.

The team that pots the final 8 ball wins that round of the pool game.

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