How to Plan the Ultimate Outdoor Party

Few things are better than a fun outdoor party. With the right food, activities, and people, an outdoor gathering can be an event that everyone remembers.

Do you know how to throw the best party?

This article will help you plan an event that will have your friends talking for years. Use this knowledge to become a person who can plan any party.

Guest List and Invitations

It might seem like a great idea to invite just your closest friends, but you should invite people who are all going to get along. 

Be careful inviting close friends from different groups. There’s a good chance they will form two different social groups at your party. Unless you’re great at getting people to mingle, try to avoid this situation.

If you’re rolling out the red carpet for this party, then send out real invitations. Avoid sending out invites via mail or social media. This doesn’t feel as personal.

Invitations with an RSVP also help you get a solid number for food and drinks.

Theme and Decorations

Pick a theme you want everyone to enjoy. The theme doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up, but it can also include your food, music, and decorations.

It’s your job as the host to pump up the theme and get everyone excited. If you aren’t into it, no one else will participate. When you see your invitees, talk up the party to them as much as possible.

Don’t forget to pick a theme that everyone understands and likes, too. Nothing is worse than a party with a random or convoluted theme.

Form follows function, so the decorations should also be in line with the theme. Think about how you can make the decorations different from any other party you’ve attended. It’ll be a great conversation piece.

Outside of the decorations, it’s good to be pragmatic, too. With a potentially large guest list, your bathroom could be getting a workout. If possible, get a portable toilet permit to help carry the load.

Activities and Seating

Some of the most classic group games are perfect for parties. Think of the last time you really played charades or Pictionary. It’s probably been a while. Have fun and bring back some nostalgia at the same time.

Games aren’t your thing?

Have a night where everyone is watching a movie they have seen. This keeps people less tense about missing scenes or dialogue, but it’s still enjoyable.

But if you have a movie, make sure there’s plenty of seating. Don’t make your seating boring. Have couches, lounges, and love seats available.

Throw the Outdoor Party You Want to Attend

Think about an outdoor party you attended that fell flat. Now that you’re the host, this is your chance to fix all the wrongs.

Throw the party everyone will want to have again next week.

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