How To Plan The Perfect Hen Party?

Arranging hens night for the bride-to-be can be a great stress buster for the bride who’s busy making preparations for her grand day. But arranging one can be difficult, especially if you haven’t done it before. Of course, there are plenty of websites offering detailed tips and tricks, but there’s always the risk of last minute disappointments. At Pecka Products, we have summed up a few ideas and tips for first time bridesmaids to plan a perfect hen party.

Tips to plan a stress-free hen party:

1. Decide A Date And Venue

Everyone including the bride will likely to be busy – make sure you consult with the guests before deciding on the time and place for the party. Choose a place that’s comfortable for everyone. Speak to the bride when preparing the guest list – she may want to have a say on whom to invite for her bachelorette party.

2. Keep An Eye On The Budget

Planning a party that involves the finest wine or a weekend getaway in another city or state can be expensive. Not everyone can afford to spend so much. Make sure you have everyone’s consent before booking something expensive or exclusive.

3. Dress Code

If you are planning a pool-party or a club-party, guests should be informed about the activities and costumes a few weeks prior to the event. This way they can come all prepared to have some fun.

4. Plan For A Perfect Bridal Moment

Making a memory book or a photo collage of all the guests with the bride-to-be can help everyone walk down the memory lane. Ask all the guests to send you a picture of themselves with the bride-to-be to recreate her most precious bonding memories with her friends.

Hen Party Ideas That Everyone Is Sure To Love

1. Pick A Theme

Prior to choosing a party location, decide on the theme for the hen party. Whether it is a 1960’s vintage theme, or a pyjama party, choose a concept that guests will love.

2. List Out Activities

Dress up photo shoots, cocktail-making sessions, treasure hunts, etc. are some of the activities most loved by girls for a hen party. There are vast choices of interesting activities, but you should keep the theme, location and audience in mind while planning hens party activities.

3. Hike Up Party Vibe With A Male Stripping Show

Various hen party supplies like headbands, handcuffs, photo props, party games, tattoos, and balloons will make your party fun and a girl night amazing, but what actually will make your party stand out from the crowd is a male strip show!

And finally end the great party by hitting the dance floor with the soon-to-be bride and guest.