How to Plan an Event on a Boat

Planning a boat party is lots of fun! Boat parties are unique and offer a different type of entertainment that other parties can’t. Not only will you and your guests be able to soak up some sun and enjoy the cool water, but you’ll also be able to try water sports, listen to your favorite music, and so much more!

Hosting a company event on a boat is also a great way to bring the entire team together. Event planning in general is a lot of work, but when you want to plan your event on a boat, there are a few extra factors to keep in mind. In the guide below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about boat events. 

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Book the Right Size 

It’s a good idea to know your guest count before booking a boat or yacht. You must have a large enough boat for the number of people attending. If you book a boat that’s too small, then there won’t be any way to add space to the event.

If there are no options for larger boats last minute, then you’ll run into some problems as you’ll only be able to bring a safe number of people onboard. Know your guest count ahead of time to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

Ask About the Menu

When you book a corporate yacht charter or even a recreational yacht charter, you should always ask about the menu. Many charters will have an option for you to hire staff to bring along, who can then cook food on the boat for you. Otherwise, you can prepare your own meals. 

It’s also a good idea to bring a few extra healthy snacks and lots of water for everyone onboard to prevent dehydration. 

Pack All the Essentials

As exciting as it is to plan a boat party, don’t forget the most important stuff. Be sure to pack all the essentials you’d need on a normal boating day. These essentials might include sunscreen, fast-drying clothing, sun-protectant clothing, sunglasses, sunhats, water shoes, non-slip shoes, towels, and more.

The boat you book should already have a first aid kit, but it doesn’t hurt to pack a few first aid kit items yourself as well. 

Speak About Boat Staff

If you’ve never planned a boating event before, then there’s a good chance you have a few questions. Don’t hesitate to speak with the staff about the event before booking your boat or yacht. They’ll be more than happy to help you figure out all the big and small details surrounding your event. 

You should also consider asking about any special accommodations that some guests may need. 

Boat Event Planning Has Never Been Easier

Event planning for a boat party might seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, but with all of these wonderful tips in mind, you’ll have the event planned successfully! Use the information given in this guide above to create a stress-free planning process.

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