How To Plan A Wedding During COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely impacted the lives of many people in more ways than we can even imagine. One of the most hard-hit industries is the event planning sector, particularly weddings. Many families and couples have experienced the overwhelming distress of having to postpone and reschedule their wedding plans for later dates. Due to the novel nature of this pandemic, navigating through it has certainly proven to be a challenge for many engaged couples. However, there are a couple of tips that can help you make your nuptial ceremony possible during this pandemic.

Organizing a wedding takes a lot of time and effort; in order for a ceremony to be a success, there are many different elements that have to coincide and be organized properly. When it comes to wedding planning, Agence 4 Saisons features as one of the top-rated companies in the business; these wedding planners offer incredible professional services to their clients. Still, if you want to be actively involved in planning for your wedding, here are some tips that’ll help you steer in the right direction during these trying times.

1. Dealing With A Postponed Date

If your big day has been deferred due to COVID-19, the first step you should take into consideration is updating your calendar with new dates. Considering the numerous elements that go into wedding planning, this may be easier said than done. For this reason, you should take your time and make all the necessary changes; plus, be sure to consult your wedding planner whenever it’s necessary. You’ll definitely feel great relief once you have everything rescheduled to a particular date.

2. Plan For Virtual Vendor Meeting

We live in a modern age where Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and the like exist and can be accessed easily. If you take into account the mobile restrictions that have been put in place, it would actually be quite beneficial to leverage such platforms when looking for potential wedding planners. Upon landing the right people, make sure you stay connected with them in order to progress well with your wedding preparations.

3. How To Adjust Your Guest List During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about travel restrictions, financial hardships, venue closures among other negative impacts; as a result, many engaged couples have been forced to make tough decisions. Some of these include cutting down the original guest list, postponing their ceremony, or even cancel their celebration due to lack of adequate income. When making such decisions, there ought to be some etiquette in order to avoid sending the wrong message to family and friends. Here are some things you can do to help you make the right choices.

4. Consult With Your Vendors

Holding a discussion with your vendors is the first step you should consider taking when making any alterations to your ceremony. If you have a potential planner, be sure to seek his/her point of view and recommendations. This will enable you to communicate substantiated facts and projections to your guests later on.

5. Talk To Your Wedding Party And Family Members

The pandemic has brought so much change not only to economies but also to our daily lives. Since weddings typically have many people taking part in it, it’d be shrewd to get the sentiments of family members and those of your wedding party. Considering that there are travel restrictions, hearing the views of such people will certainly help you readjust your wedding accordingly so as to accommodate as many people as you can. Furthermore, this will also give you a clearer idea of the number of people who’re likely to attend.

6. Set New Expectations

It’s very important to note that many couples are really struggling to overcome the loss of what they had previously planned for their wedding. Some of the jabs they’ve received include lack of financial compensations, a decrease in the guest capacity, and drastic date changes. The best thing to do is to stay hopeful and set new expectations. Once you’re done, inform the guests about the changes and be willing to work with those who’ll be committed to attending your wedding ceremony.


There’s a lot to take into consideration when preparing for your big day during the Coronavirus pandemic. Inasmuch as planning for a wedding during this time is daunting; it’s something that can successfully be done. Following the guidelines mentioned above will surely help you to plan a successful wedding ceremony.