How to Plan a Camping Trip in 5 Simple Steps

Are you ready to get wild on a camping trip? Camping is one of the most rewarding and fun getaways you will ever have. If you know how to prepare properly, it could be the holiday of a lifetime.

Luckily, preparing for a trip is easy with our help. Read on for our must-know guide on how to plan a camping trip.

1. Get a Location

Your first step is to decide where you want to go. From mountain getaways to beachside retreats, where to go camping is a decision filled with choice. Luckily, you can pretty much pitch up anywhere if you don’t mind roughing it a little.

Decide if you will be wild camping or you want to visit a site. Once you know, you can look for places in the local area to pitch. Check prices and book availability in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. RV, Trailer, or Tent?

Once you know a location, decide on how you will actually camp. Some people like to get back to nature and shelter in a tent. There are numerous options available for tents from outdoor retailers such as Grand Trunk.

If you want a trailer or RV, you can either buy or rent. Check a nearby retailer and see what their prices are or if they have any deals.

3. Make a Checklist

Once you have shelter and a location, then you need to start preparing with a camping checklist. Start by listing all the food you will need, and any utensils you may need to cook it. If you are camping, do not forget to take a gas stove or fire lighting equipment.

Once you can feed yourself, get all the other necessary items. Lanterns, sleeping bags and pillows, seating, and any hobby equipment like fishing gear should all be on your checklist.

4. Packing

To stay organized once you arrive, make sure you know where you pack your camping gear. If not, you can end up taking out all your bags and trunks just to find one item. Make sure everything is labeled and packed away efficiently, so you can reach items immediately if you need them.

Before you pack, do some preparation. You may decide to precut food and store it, to save time on the trip. If you have not erected the tent before, have a trial run in the yard so you have a better idea when you arrive.

5. Be Safe

Finally, make sure you are safe. A first aid kit should always be included in your camping essentials. Make sure you check any recommended safety guidelines for the area, such as information on tides or even wildlife that could cause problems.

How to Plan a Camping Trip

Now you know how to plan a camping trip, get prepared in advance. This ensures you can get spots at sites and get the rental gear you want. You may also need to order items that may take time to arrive.

Our handy article is just one of many to help you get the best from your holidays. Visit the rest of our blog for vacation tips and relaxing hacks to make the most of your summer plans!