Many new startups and businesses have a concept that they believe will work well, however, there is a huge gap between have a great business idea and fully implementing it.


You have spent quite a long time creating, proofreading, and editing your press release. However, when it comes to pitching to media outlets, you start to draw a blank because it can be quite frustrating.


You have all the right materials needed to pitch; you just need the right steps and advice. Here are some pieces of advice you can use to properly pitch your Blockchain startup.


In this article, we will look at:


  • What is a media pitch?
  • Structure of a media pitch
  • Steps to take to pitch your Blockchain startup


What is a media pitch?


A media pitch is a short email that outlines the relevance and newsworthiness of a story. It is sent to media outlets with the aim to gain interest in the story/product/service and ask if they want to write about it. Simply put, a media pitch is your “ask.”


The reason why people can find writing an effective media pitch tedious and frustrating is that you may put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect pitch, but it is whether or not the media outlets will respond. Journalists receive almost a dozen or more pitches a day and therefore only look at the ones that are relevant, newsworthy, brief, structured, and timely.


Structure of a Media Pitch


An effective media pitch is one that makes a journalist take notice of your content and hopefully is something that they have never seen before and also enables them to spin a story easily for their readers and followers.


  • The lead – This is your hook; it should be a short sentence that draws the media outlet in.
  • Call-to-action – This is what you want your target journalist to do – whether it is to write a product review, conduct an interview, or mention your company in an industry story. It is very important that you make your intention clear.
  • Value proposition – You need to show journalists why they should be interested in your story. You need to tell them what makes you different from the hundreds of the other pitches they receive daily.
  • Conclusion – End your email with thanks and recap your call-to-action. Don’t forget to mention your name and contact details – email, phone number – so that the various media outlets can connect with you if they need more details.


How to write an effective media pitch


1) Identify the right journalists


Make a media list that is appropriate to your startup. Make sure that they are somewhat related to your field. The list can be as extensive or as limited as your resources and will depend on the kind of content you’re trying to promote.


When looking for targets, it is always a good idea to focus on engagement than traffic. In order to find high-quality prospects, you need to find sites that are linking to similar content, try using tools to find curated content on popular topics, and tools to search your target keywords (ex. Blockchain, “marketing cryptocurrency)

2) Build a relationship


In order to get the best results, you need to start a conversation with journalists before you pitch to them. You can start with personalized conversation starters to build your rapport and get the relationship going. The conversations can be built by following the media outlets on social media, sharing their posts, commenting on their published stories, and offering objective insights regarding their stories in the comments.


The steps that you take before sending your first email will make it not look like it is coming from a total stranger and even if the media outlet doesn’t immediately recognize your name, you can refer to existing relationships in the email. The tone that you take on depends on how you established your rapport.


3) Personalize your pitch


Your media pitch needs to demonstrate that you regularly read and are familiar with the media out that you are pitching to. You need to prove you have an understanding of the media source’s readership as well as what topics and stories are most valuable and shared. Provide them with all the details that they need to make an immediate decision about the information and you as a reputable source.


Email endings are just as important as the first sentence. An interesting sign off to your email will not only leave a favorable impression on your recipient but also increase your chances of a response.


4) Follow up


Once you have sent your pitch, you need to wait for a reply or schedule a follow-up several days later. Most media outlets and professionals are busy people, so they may have missed your first pitch email. Sending them a follow-up email can generally bump you to the top of their inbox. If the journalists use your information that is great and you can keep the conversation going. But, there is a chance that they might not be interested in the information at the moment. If that is the case, you can still keep the communication channels opens and continue building the relationship.


If you are not receiving any replies, you need to access where you went wrong. Did you select the right media outlet and person of interest? Did you provide value regarding a timely and popular topic? And did you make it easy for recipients to get to the relayed information?


Tips specifically for Blockchain Startups


  • Find the common ground between what is a good story for both sides.


More often than not, if you are pitching to the right media outlets, your interests will be aligned. So, find a good, original story that fits both your interests.


2) Be careful what you wish for


You need to make sure that your company is watertight on what you claim otherwise it can make or break you. Make sure that your press release clearly states what your Blockchain strategies startup is trying to do.


3) Make it easier for journalists to verify your claims


You need to make it easy for media outlets to crosscheck your claims after understanding that this industry has been rife with scams in the past. Give them all the information they require without any secrets.


4) Don’t sell old news as new


When it comes to your “media strategy, identifying who the people you would like to really work with is important. If the story is good enough and your top targets pick it up, chances are others will follow. Make sure that your news is relevant and new.


5) Try to find the less obvious angle


You need to try and focus on another aspect of your project that hasn’t been talked about before or rarely talked about that might be more newsworthy. You need to find a way to stand out because no one wants to read the same thing over and over again.


6) Avoid the statement “on the blockchain”


The blockchain industry can be thought of as a niche topic and requires a PR or press person to understand the unique nature of the industry. So, avoid using generic phrases because it is more than likely that media outlets have heard and seen that phrase over and over again.




Pitching about Blockchain startups really are no different than pitching about other things, the main thing is that you want to create an effective one that states your intentions clearly. Keep constant communication and keep trying even if you failed the first few times. Rome was not built in a day, so keep going and someone somewhere will believe it you.








Supon Chakma

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