How To Pitch Your App Idea To Potential Investors?

The number of smartphone users are expeditiously rising, and so does the demand for avant-garde applications. Since technology is all around us, we are also driven by another significant element that is the idea of getting everything at a lightning-fast speed. The prevailing technologies are storming the market in a great manner making website design and app development the standard approach for enterprises. Whether it comes to socializing with people or going to places, we want it to happen at the very moment. This is the reason why multitudes are turning to mobile apps because it is one of the prevailing technology that is allowing people to accomplish most of their endeavors in a split second.

The number of mobile apps has been steadily increasing each year. As per the market reports, nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. While the market is swamped with varieties of apps and many more to come, why more than a hundred apps are still being rejected by investors? Maybe you have not got the technique to pitch the idea correctly. 

In 2021, how to pitch the app idea to potential investors is getting hotter than how to get investments for your apps. Since apps are something that has become the go-to need for every business, rejection sometimes leaves businesses confused about whether the problem is actually with the app or the way they presented it to the client. 

In this blog, we will get to know the common reasons why the app ideas are often declined and what are the ways to make the most of the opportunity and excel in presenting your app idea effectively.

Your app idea lacks potential

The very common reason why the investor has turned down your app idea is that he could not see flair in your concept. While discovering the best ways to pitch ideas to your client is one thing, providing the reason for the investors to invest in your app is something disquieting. When you present your app in front of the client, you need to be prepared for answering many questions like – how your app idea is different from others, is it something in the app that is saleworthy, how much money or time could your app idea potentially save a user and many such. Clients are responsible for making a large volume of decisions, and therefore they need a strong reason to settle upon investing in your idea.

An app idea very much resembles other competitive solutions.

Another major reason for the client dismissing the funding for your app is the idea did not seem convincing to them or appeared a dupe of another app. Not every idea is unique, and neither does it have to be, but plagiarism is something that is forbidden. Many businesses or individuals seek inspiration from another similar or identical app with just a tweak to the features that do not go well with the investors. There is not one social media app in the market, there are tons but the execution of each is different. Similarly, the idea of your app can be similar, but there should be something unique to present. Do not propose a copied idea to the client; make it unique in its own way. Only then can you open doors of opportunities for yourself to become an appreneur.

Do not have a considerable team.

The investors who are there to assess your application idea and make their decision are not just going to conclude the investment part based out on the potential or how remarkable an idea is. They will also give thought to the team, project success, your approach towards development, etc. More than anything, the glory of an app very much depends upon the team metric. The stronger the team you have, the more chances of your product thriving in the market and gaining a competitive advantage. There is no fastened rule that you must be having this many members in your team, but however much you have, they should be competent.

Fail to develop an elevator pitch.

You have a great responsibility on your shoulders when you have a limited time to explain your idea to the client. So when it comes to pulling off the presentation in a short span, it needs to be powerful and to the point. Many presenters fall prey to elucidating each and every aspect of the app they are thinking of developing. Little do they know is that there is no requirement of putting extra effort when the things can be taken care of with modest appeal. Instead of talking a whole lot about the app itself, focus on keeping the pitch to the strength centric. Try pulling the string that can convince investors right away.

It does not matter how revolutionary your app idea is as long as it sees the light of the day. If you are aspiring to leave the world astonished by your creation but constantly struggling to get investors for the same, it is time to change your strategy of approaching clients. 

Turning a remarkable idea into a fully-fledged business is something that entrepreneurs are under the impression of. Either you are considering pitching your idea to a mobile app development company or a potential investor, do it sensibly after mulling over every important element.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.