How to pick the best color ink for your T-shirts

T-shirt printing can be an excellent resource for your business to brand and sell. You can build walking panels for your business with the right design, promote collaboration among your employees and show your business to your community.

However a number of factors can hinder the development of the perfect design. However you can select the right ink colors for your T-shirts with our help.

Whilst your bella canvas wholesale design can be interesting and appealing, T-shirt printing has much more to do than just choose a logo. Here are several other considerations in terms of ink color you may remember.

Computers vs Real Life – If you create a shirt design online, note that you may not exactly see the colors on your computer screen in real life. Computer screens prefer to adjust colors so that they appear to be colorful. Of course that doesn’t mean that your color would be entirely different, but you have to be prepared for a slight shift in vibration.

Color Contrast – You should not mix dark Ink with a dark shirt as a surprise. Your logo would clearly not turn up. Make sure you contrast dramatically with your t-shirt by selecting your ink colors. This helps the T-shirt to be easily seen even from far away.

Combinations of colors – Use colors that fit together well and complement each other. Be vigilant when choosing colors such as maroon, green forest and red cardinal. These ink colors can appear blurred or much duller if combined with darker-colored shirts. Also be sure to use light t-shirts with colors like light blue, yellow and light pink. While they are noticeable by printing t-shirts, when you look at the t-shirts at a distance they can be difficult to see.

Outline – The text on your logo can be represented in a different color, make it more readable and it is easy for others to display your T-Shirts remotely. Make sure the highlighting colors compliment both your t-color shirt’s and your text as for any other color option.

White – Sometimes white ink can be the only color you believe you have, but it’s difficult to select this color. Often the t-shirt color migrates through the dye, turning it into a lighter shade of the shirt. This is especially true of red and maroon shirts. However, if you have to use white ink, there are several ways to avoid this. Choose only 100% cotton shirts to minimize the chances of a colored ink migrating and to reduce the area you are using a white ink.

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